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5 Syrian soldiers killed near Palmyra

On Thursday around noon, a jihadist hit-and-run operation on the southern vicinity of Palmyra caught a unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) off-guard, resulting in the death of a handful of government troops.

According to a bulletin released by Amaq Agency, the ISIS raid targeted a SAA outpost at the Sukkari Quarries directly south of the ancient city, killing 5 SAA soldiers.

Meanwhile, the SAA liberated the Al-Shaer Gas Fields yesterday and followed up by capturing the abandoned Armored Battalion earlier today in a region northwest of Palmyra.

On Wednesday, Amaq Agency released a series of highly graphic pictures depicting another raid near the Palmyra Silos, killing at least 8 SAA soldiers and capturing 4 in the process.

The incident could not be independently verified by Al-Masdar News. Amaq Agency often exaggerates death toll numbers and in some rare instances completely fabricates them.

The ISIS-linked outlet is usually accurate when reported Islamic State advances but never admits caliphate losses.

Source: Al-Masdar News

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