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Abu Dhar al-Ghifari

The tribe of Ghifar was one of the Arab Pagan tribes. It lived near al-Madina al-Munawwara (Yathrib), where the Makkan trading caravans passed.
The members of the tribe of Ghifar worshipped an idol named Munat. They thought that Munat decided predestination and chance. They visited and sacrificed sheep for it.

 One day, a poor young man belonging to the tribe of Ghifar went to Munat. He gave Munat some yogurt and began looking at it. But Munat was motionless and did not drink the yogurt. He waited.

A fox passed by Jundub but did not see him. The fox drank the yogurt and, in addition, it raised its leg and urinated in the ear of Munat. Still Munat was motionless. The young man laughed. He sneered at Munat. Then he criticized himself because he worshipped a dumb rock, which did not understand anything.

While Jundab was going back home, he remembered the words of Qais bin Saydah. He said them in Ukadh market:

People, hear and understand! He who lives will die! And he who dies will perish. Future things will happen. Why do I see people go and not come back? Are they satisfied with the stay there? Or have they left anything there, so they have slept?

Jundub looked at the blue, clear sky and at the wide desert. Then he remembered what the fox did to Munat. He believed that the world had a God greater than Munat, Hubal, al-Lat and all idols.

Since then Jundab bin Jundah had deeply believed in the Creator of the sky and the earth.

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