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By Sadiq Al mussawi

4. AL- HASSAN “peace be up on him”
His agnomens: Al- Mujtaba “the selected” At-taqi “the godly”, Az-zaki “the noble”, Assayeed “the master”, As-sibt “the grandson”
His title: Abu Muhammad “Muhammad’s father”
His father’s name: Ali “the believer’s prince”
His mother’s name: Az-zaFatima
His birth day: He was born on Tuesday the fifteenth of ramadan month.
His birth year: He was born in the second year A.H.
His death day: He died on Thursday the seventh of safar month.
His age: He was fourty-seven years old.
His decease’s reason: He is poisoned by his wife “Juedeh the daughter of Al- ash-ath” a ccording to acomand of Muawia.
His cemetery: He is burried in Medineh Munawareh “Baqie”.
His sons’ number: He had fifteen sons, 8 eight of them were males and seven of them were females.
The males are:

    1. Zaid


    1. Al- Hassan


    1. Umer


    1. Al- Qassim


    1. Abdullah


    1. Abdur- Rahman


    1. Al- Hussein


    1. Talha


The females are:

    1. Ummul- Hassan


    1. Ummul- Hussein


    1. Fatima


    1. Ummu Abdullah


    1. Fatima


    1. Ummu Salemeh


    1. Ruqia.


His wives: He had “13” thirteen wives.
His finger ring’s writing: The glory is for God.
“Al- Iz-zatu Lil-lah”

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