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By Sadiq Al mussawi

5. AL- HUSEIN “peace be up on him”
His agnomens: Sayeedush- Shuhadae “the martyr’s sirdar” Arra-sheed “the reasonable”, At-taieb “the generous”, Al-wafi “the true hearted”, Az-zaki “the noble”, As-sayyed “the master”, As-saeed “the happy”, Al-mubarak “the blessed”, As-sibt ith-thaani “the second grandson”, At-tabie li mardati- illah “who is the subordinate to please God” Ad-dalil Ala thati-llah “the guide for Allah’s nature” Al- Imamuth- thaalith “the third Imam”
His title: Abu Abdullah “Abdullah’s father”
His father’s name: The believers prince Ali (a.s.).
His mother’s name: Az-zahra Fatima
His birth day: He was born on Thursday the third of shaebaan month.
His birth place: Al- Medineh il- Munawareh
His birth year: He was born in the third year A.H.
His decease day: He martyrized On Friday, the tenth day of muharram month that day is called “AA Shurae”
His decease year: He martyrized in the sixty first A.H.
His age: He was fifty-eight years old when he martyrized.
His decease reason: He is killed according to a command of Yazeed with his family members in Kerbala city.
His Cemetery: His holy shrine is in Kerbala/Iraq.
His sons’ number: He had six sons, four males and two females, the males are:

    1. Ali Akbar “Zainul- Aabideen”


    1. Ali awsat


    1. Jafar


    1. Abdullah “Ali assghar”


The females are:

    1. Sukaineh


    1. Fatima


His issue is from Imam Zainul- Aabideen Ali and truly his son Ali ul- Awsat was killed with his father and burried beside him, also as for Jafar, so his mother is kusaeya, he deceased within his father’s life and burried in Medineh, so as to Abdullah, he was a baby and he is killed in his father’s lap within Kerbala fight, he is called Ali ul- Asghar.
And as to Ali ul-awsat, he is called Al- Akbar acording to him, so he called Al-awsat acording to Zainul- Aabideen.
His finger ring’s writing: He had several finger rings but on one of them he wrote: Surely Allah attains his purpose.
“Ineh Allahu balighu Amrih”

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