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By Sadiq Al mussawi

6. ALI “peace be up on him”
His agnomens: The best of all the adorers “Zainul- Aabideen”, the worshiper “Assajaad”, the best of the piouses “Zainus- Saliheen”, the prophets’ science inheritor “Warithy ilmun-nabiyeen”, the watcher “Al- Mutahajjid”, the honest “Az- Zakee”, the trusty “Al- Ameen”, the ascetic “Az-zahid”, the adorar “Al- Aabid”, the just “Al- Adil”, the weepy “Al- Bakkae”, the smarts own “thoo ith-thafinaat”
His title: Abu Mohammad
His father’s name: Al- Hussein “the prophet grand son”
His mother’s name: Shah Zenan, Yazdejurd’s “Shahre bano” daughter.
His birth day: The fifteenth of Jamadul awal month.
His birth place: He was born in Medineh Munawareh.
His birth year: He was born in the thirty-six A.H.
His decease day: He died in the twenty-fifth of Muharram month.
His decease year: He died in ninety-fifth A.H.
His age: He was fifty-seven years old.
His decease’s reason: He is poisoned by “Husham the son of Abdul- Malik” through his brother Al- Waleed’s epoch.
His cemetery: He is buried in “Baqie” Medineh- Munawareh
His son’s number: He had fifteen (15) sons eleven (11) of them are males and the others are four (4) females.
The males are:

    1. Muhammadil- Baqir


    1. Abdul-lah


    1. Al- Hassan


    1. Al- Hussein


    1. Zaid


    1. Umro


    1. Al-asghar Hussein


    1. Abdur-rahmaan


    1. Sulaiman


    1. Ali


    1. Al-asghar Muhammad


The females are:

    1. Khadigeh


    1. Fatimeh


    1. Aleya


    1. Ummu Kulthum.


His wives: He had only one wife “Ummu Abdul-lah, Fatimeh” the daughter of imam Al- Hassan (a.s.), who was Al- Baqirs (a.s.) mother in addition to the bond women.
His finger ring’s writing: The “Sufficient unto me is God for every grief”.
“Hasbi Allah likulli hammin”

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