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Bishop condemns Islamophobia after Scottish church’s Qur’an recital

The Most Reverend David Chillingworth, the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

The head of a UK church in Scotland has condemned Islamophobic attacks following the recital of the Qur’an at a cathedral in Glasgow. The Most Reverend David Chillingworth, the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, wrote in his blog on Sunday that the church “regretted” the abuse received by St. ...

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Islamic organisation sends Christmas message to Churches in UK

A UK-based Muslim organisation has produced Christmas cards and delivered a message to the Church wishing them a happy festive season. The letter which was published by the Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission outlined the importance of standing up for justice and remembered those suffering around the world. AIM wrote in its ...

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British people hugely overestimate the number of Muslims in the UK, says new survey

Britons think country is more conservative, more miserable and more Muslim than it actually is. British people have a heavily skewed perspective on the reality of life in the UK, a new survey suggests – but are still more accurate in their evaluations than the populations of most countries. The ...

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Former Muslim community insider named as police spy

Police chiefs have been forced to confirm for the first time the identities of two undercover police officers who fathered children with campaigners from groups they had been sent to infiltrate. One of them is Bob Lambert, the former head of the Muslim Contact Unit, who established close working relationships ...

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