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Conceit and egotism lead mankind toward perdition

The member of the Society of Seminary ‎Teachers of Qom emphasized the need for man to ‎distance himself from self-conceit and egotism and said, “Self-conceit and egotism are ‎among the issues which lead mankind to perdition.”‎
RNA – In his ethics and exegesis lesson held at Qom’s Ayatollah Golpaygani Seminary, ‎Ayatollah Mohsen Faqihi, a member of the Society of Seminary ‎Teachers of Qom, referred ‎to Imam Khomeyni’s book “Forty Hadiths” and said, “One of the points that the late Imam ‎explained is that self-conceit and egotism are among the issues which lead mankind to ‎perdition.”‎
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The head of the Dar al-Thaqalayn Wali al-Asr Institute referred to the origin of self-conceit ‎and added, “According to the late Imam, the source of self-conceit is love of one’s self. For ‎this reason, sometimes a person does a minor and trivial deed but thinks that he has done ‎the greatest thing and even in some cases the situation becomes worse than this and man ‎does a bad or immoral deed but thinks he has done something good.” ‎

He stated that man must not see his small works as substantial and explained, “Sometimes ‎someone justifies his bad deeds and thinks that he has done the right thing. He engages in ‎backbiting, slandering and lying and justifies it while these actions are wrong.”‎
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Ayatollah Faqihi continued, “One must consider himself superior to others. Man should take ‎divine satisfaction into consideration in all his work, not love of the self. If deeds are done ‎for divine satisfaction only, their value will be infinite.”‎
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The teacher in the Islamic Seminaries of Qom said that the late Imam Khomeyni was a great ‎teacher of ethics and stated, “All of the Imam’s behaviour and actions were a lesson in ‎ethics and religion and today, the seminarians must benefit from their tradition and make it a ‎priority in their actions.”‎
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He stated, “According to the narrations, the arrogant and self-conceited are close to disbelief ‎because only God is great and the pride is specific to the divine essence. Sometimes those ‎who are around others misguide and victimize them through their own unwarranted ‎definitions.”‎
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Ayatollah Faqihi noted that after the death of Ayatollah Boroujerdi in 1961, many sought to ‎declare that they are a source of emulation, but Imam Khomeyni, despite his lofty position ‎and great students, didn’t enter the matter until his duty was fulfilled and added, “The late ‎Imam gained popularity in the world due to divine favour and due to the sincerity that he ‎had on the divine path and was respected by all. Today, people are even making pilgrimage ‎to his grave on foot. This human value is great and God would magnify in a person if he ‎distances himself from material and worldly belongings.”‎

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