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Imam Khamenei: Without Definite Guarantee of 3 EU Countries, We Won’t Stick With JCPOA

Meeting with teachers, on the event of Teachers’ week, Wednesday morning, Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei stated: “Last night, you heard the US president make some shallow and lewd remarks. There were several lies within his speech. He threatened the Iranian government and people. I answer him, as a representative of the Iranian population: “Donald Trump, you cannot lift one finger against us.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei

“You know that the nuclear issue was just an excuse!” he further reminded his audience: “When the nuclear matter began, some Iranian officials said, ‘Why do we insist on keeping nuclear energy program? We can put it aside.” their reaction was not appropriate because our country needs nuclear energy, and based on the experts’ studies, within a few years, Iran will need 20,000 Megawatts of Nuclear-generated electrical power.”

The Leader went on to say, “From that day, I said that the problem the US has with Iran is irrelevant to its nuclear energy; it is only a pretext. They [some officials] said this was not true.”

Imam Khamenei confirmed that he was right all along on his concerns regarding the JCPOA, stating: “Now you can see for yourselves that my prediction is now a reality. We agreed on the nuclear agreement [the JCPOA]; but the animosities against Iran did not cease.”

Imam Khamenei stressed: “Today, their [US’] concerns are about our presence in our own region and our missile program; even if we agree to their terms, conflicts will not be resolved; they will start up with another issue.”

The Leader of the Revolution stressed: “The real reason behind the opposition of the US towards the Islamic Republic’s system is the fact that [before the revolution], the US had complete dominance over our country, eventually, their hands were severed from Iran by the Islamic Revolution.”

Remarking on US’ involvement in going after regional allies the Leader said: “You will be condemned to hell for your own failures in Iraq and Syria!”

Imam Khamenei addressed his audience, saying: “The Americans want the kind of rulers, in other countries, who dish out money to them and comply with their orders. The US government wants ability to change them, any time they need to: like how they removed Reza Khan from power and appointed his son, for instance; or, like what they get away with doing in some Persian Gulf countries, treating leaders like submissive slaves of the US.”

Moving on to other matters, besides the problems US creates for Iran, he mentioned the roles other countries have in regards to honoring the JCPOA: “We do not trust the three European countries, like we don’t trust the US; without receiving a strong guarantee from these three European countries, we won’t stick to the nuclear agreement [the JCPOA],” said the Leader.

Further, the Leader of the Revolution stated: “A few days ago, Trump wrote a letter to the leaders of some Persian Gulf countries, to which we have access. In the letter, he indicated that he spent $7 trillion on these countries, so they must adhere to his orders. Well, Trump, you have spent all this money to dominant over Syria and Iraq, but you couldn’t do it; you will go to hell with your failures.”

Referring to the dominance of the US over some Arab countries, he went on to say: “Trump gives orders, asserting ‘they must’ do as he says: he also wants to give similar orders to Iranians. The Iranian nation is independent and dignified. The previous rulers of our country deprived the people from dignity. Now the Islamic Republic and Islamic revolution have arrived, and they [the US] cannot tolerate it’s stronghold.”

Imam Khamenei continued: “Some of our own officials have said, ‘Why do we insist on opposing the US?’ May God pardon their mistake.”

He then reminded the audience of the passing of US presidents as the Islamic Republic remained strong. “Trump will wither away, perish, and his body will decompose: but, the Islamic Republic will still be thriving,” Imam Khamenei said.

The Leader continued: “What happened is foul play on the part of the United States, and it does not surprise us. This attitude also occurred while US was under the rule of previous presidents, and it has happened in one way or the other during every presidency.”

He insisted: “The Iranian nation is firmly standing. Those former presidents passed and were forgotten, and the Islamic Republic is still standing. The same fate is waiting for this one, and the Islamic Republic will be standing strong on that day.”

The Leader of the Revolution asserted: “From day one, I said several times that the United States is not to be trusted. I said it publicly and privately. I said if you want to sign an agreement, first make sure that necessary guarantees are made. One of the conditions I mentioned was that the president of the United States has to sign it. Those in charge of the negotiations tried hard, but couldn’t satisfy this condition.”

Speaking further in the JCPOA added: “We have implemented this agreement for the past 2.5 years, and now this brute says I don’t accept it.”

Regarding the follow up to the JCPOA with or without the US Imam Khamenei stated m: “It is said that we are going to follow through with the three other European countries. I don’t trust these countries either. Do not trust them. If you want to agree on anything, make sure there are practical guarantees in place. Otherwise they will do what the US did to us.”

Regarding the conditions for continuing to implement the JCPOA with Europe, the leader of the revolution reminded the officials: “if you can get guarantees, fine, although I doubt it. If not we cannot stay in the JCPOA agreement.”

He added: “the officials are facing a big test: are they going to ensure that the nation’s pride will be protected or not? The pride and interests of the nation must be truly secured.”

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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