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Palestinian Teenager Killed by Israeli Sniper on Gaza Border

Alwaght– The Israeli forces gunned down a teenage Palestinian protester on the Gaza-Israeli border, local health authorities stated.

Muntaser Mohammed al-Baz, 17, was shot in the head during protests near Bureij in central Gaza on Tuesday. He died in the hospital, Gaza Strip Health Ministry said.

The authorities in the besieged Palestinian territory have added that other five people have been wounded by the Israeli forces’ live fire.

The development came only a day after Israeli forces attacked hundreds of peaceful Palestinian protesters, who were taking part in a march in the Gaza Strip northern town of Beit Lahiya to protest the 12-year-long Israeli-imposed blockade on the coastal enclave. Dozens of people were struck with live bullets, Iran’s broadcaster Press TV has reported.

The Palestinians have been holding demonstrations on the Gaza border with the occupied territories for several months. The protests, nearly held daily since March and dubbed the “Great March of Return”, call for the Israeli regime to recognize the displaced Palestinians’ rights for their lands and allow them to return home.

So far, hundreds of Gazans and other Palestinians have been brutally shot dead by the Israeli troops securing the fences separating Gaza from the occupied lands.

The organizers of the demonstrations have vowed to continue their pro-rights efforts.

Tel Aviv has been responding to the Palestinian marches with increasing aggression, often using live ammunition.

In early June, an Israeli sniper killed a female Palestinian nurse, Razan al-Najjar, while she was at the scene of the protests offering medical help to the injured protestors.

The killings have drawn global reactions, with many protests organized across the world countries calling for an end to the Israeli crimes and calling the Israeli Prime Minister “war criminal.”

Many Western capitals including London, Washington, and Paris, and regional ones, including Tehran, Ankara, and Beirut have witnessed pro-Palestinian demonstrations calling for end of decades-long Israeli occupation and trial of the Israeli leaders.

On June 18, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres circulated a document to the 15 members of the Security Council that severely criticizes the Israeli regime over violence on the Gaza border. The report from Guterres also warned that Gaza was on the brink of another war.

The Israeli fighter jets have been bombing Gaza regularly, with the Israeli leaders claiming that the raids struck sites belonging to Hamas, a dominant movement in the Palestinian enclave. Hamas said many airstrikes targeted civilian sites.

In response of the Israeli targetings and bombings, the Palestinians resorted to a new tactic in the confrontation, sending incendiary balloons into the occupied farms and causing damages to the settlers.

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