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Photos of Muslim’s charity act go viral

In what seemed to be a random act of kindness, a Muslim man gave his shoes to a needy man before walking home barefoot. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

Acts of kindness come in different shapes and sizes and a Muslim man in Canada has had photos of his act go viral after he gave his shoes to a needy man before walking home barefoot.

The images were taken by off-duty bus driver Surjit Singh Virk who noticed a passenger wearing plastic hairnets on his feet in lieu of shoes on a rainy day last week.

A man in Muslim dress then took off his shoes and socks, according to Virk, and gave them to the man, saying “you can take these, don’t worry about me – I live close by and can walk.”

The charitable man got off the bus before the recipient could thank him, according to Virk.

Speaking to Vancouver 24, Virk added: “People usually don’t care or even look at other people on the bus, they didn’t even want to sit beside this guy because of how he was dressed.”

Canada’s QMI Agency tracked down the 27-year-old Muslim man, but he declined to be identified, saying that according to his Islamic faith, charitable acts should be anonymous.

“I felt bad for the guy,” he told QMI Agency, “ he was wearing plastic hairnets on his feet. I was only a two minute walk from home so I thought I could give him my shoes.”

According to media reports, the donor was returning from the nearby Muslim Association mosque.

Spokesman Mufti Aasim told the Toronto Sun: “Whenever we do a good deed, even if it’s to help someone out, the Islamic teachings maintain this should remain only for the pleasure of God.”

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