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Saeed bin Jubayr by Kamal al-Syyed -2


Saeed loves Prayer

Saeed loved nothing but prayer. He lived a good life with his parents. He obeyed and treated them kindly.

Saeed woke when the rooster crowed. He performed the ritual ablution. He said his morning prayers. Then he read the Qur’an till the sun shone.

One day the rooster did not crow. So, Saeed did not say his morning prayers punctually. He woke after the sunrise. He was sad because he did not say his prayers at the right time. Meanwhile, he was angry at the rooster because it did not crow.

When Saeed looked at the rooster, he said angrily:

Why didn’t you crow? May Allah not make you crow again!

The rooster had not crowed since then.

Saeed’s mother saw the rooster. She said to her son:

Saeed, Allah accepts your prayer. So, don’t invoke Him against anyone.

Saeed obeyed his mother. He did not invoke Allah against anyone but one time. When did he do that? Let’s read Saeed’s story together!

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