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Senior Egyptian Qari Passes Away

Sheikh Samih Ahmed Khaled Athamina, a prominent Jordanian Quran master, told IQNA that Sheikh Tablawi, who headed Egypt’s Union of Qaris and Quran Memorizers, died on Tuesday.

The union issued a message of condolences, hailing Sheikh Tablawi for serving the Holy Quran for more than 60 years.

Mohamed al-Saadati, the union’s spokesman, said details of funeral and memorial service for the deceased will be announced later.

The Dar al-Ifta of Egypt also issued a message of condolences over the death of the eminent Qari.

Mohamed Mahmoud Tablawi was born on November 14, 1934 in the village Met Oqba in Egypt.

Aged 4 years, Sheikh started learning the Holy Quran and completed at the age of 9.

He travelled to many countries as representative of Al-Azhar and Egypt’s Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry.

He also served as member of panels of judges in many international Quran contests.

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