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Prophet Adam (a)

Allah made the mountains and the seas.
He made all the animals.
He made the heavens and the stars.

He made the sun and the moon
and he made the angels.
The angels were like Allah’s servants
and did everything He ordered.

Then Allah decided to make a man.
He called this first man Adam.
He taught him many things
so that Adam had more knowledge
than the angels.

There was one Jinn,
called Iblis and he thought
he was better than Adam
so Allah would not let him
stay with the other angels.

He was to be called
‘Shaytan’, the Devil.
Shaytan blamed Adam for what had
happened to him and was very angry.

Allah let Adam live in
a beautiful place because
he was good. The place was
called Paradise.

It was a very nice place but
Adam was a little lonely,
on his own all of the time.
Allah decided to help Adam.
He made Hawa to be Adam’s wife.
They were happy and
liked living in Paradise.

There was, however,
one thing they were not allowed to do.
There was a special
tree and Allah had told them they must not
eat any fruit from that tree.

At first Adam and Hawa were
very good and kept away
from the tree.
Shaytan decided to do
something very naughty.

He told them they were silly
to keep away from the tree.
He said nothing would happen
if they ate its fruit.
He said the fruit was delicious
and they should try it.

After a while they began to
listen to Shaytan and thought
they would have just a little
taste of the fruit, just to see
what it was like.
Shaytan was very happy because
he had made them disobey Allah.

As soon as they had eaten
the fruit,
Adam and Hawa
realised that they had been
very naughty and
they felt guilty
for what they had done.

Allah forgave them
But He wouldn’t let them
stay in Paradise any more
So He sent them to live on earth.

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