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The Perpetual death of ’Israel’: Quds Day

Millions in Iran’s Tehran and other cities and towns took to the streets for the annual event which take place on the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan during which Muslims fast.

People from all walks of life were part of the event, reassuring through their participation that they stand with the Palestinian people and support them in their plight as they continue to suffer from “Israeli” occupation and aggressions.

Protestors chanted “Death to “Israel”” and “Death to America”, and burned the “Israeli” flag. Posters of Palestinian martyrs such as the lately slain nurse Razan al-Najjar could be seen among other slogans and pictures related to the Palestinian cause. With a united hashtag #freepalestine, the posters were hung across the streets.

Among the crowds were young and old coming to reassure their support to their brothers and sisters in occupied Palestine.

Maryam, 25 and mother of an infant said she came to sound support to the Palestinians, noting that “This is how Muslims should treat each other; they should care about one another’s fate and interest.” She said that Al-Quds day is one of the few days every year that brings millions across the world together for the sake of a just cause, and that alone scares the “Israelis””.

Noon prayers started and people were still coming from all sides, rushing to fill the lines of congregation. People did not hesitate to come and take part despite the scorching hot sun. Alizadeh and his family arrived at Al-Quds street early, and sat there watching participants and chanting with them. He told al-Ahed news that the least people can do to support Palestine is to attend such ceremonies, give donations to aid the Palestinians and assure that Palestine will be free.

Donation stations were set up as well not only to help and support the Palestinian people, but also the Yemeni and Syrians who are suffering severe circumstances because of Saudi-led wars in the region.

Mohammad Alipour, a victim of the Saddam imposed war on Iran told al-Ahed news that supporting Palestine and the Palestinians is a core issue directly related to the Shia doctrine and the Ashoura philosophy. “We were taught by Imam Hussein not to accept humiliation, and we were raised up to understand that no matter how difficult things become justice will prevail at the end.”

The ceremonies culminated with the Friday prayers at the Tehran University main campus. Thousands had to pray in the outskirts of the university due to the large numbers of participants.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani addressed worshipers at the prayers, during which he said the “Israeli” regime had realized its “shaky security” ground which has emerged as a result of “the resistance and awakening of the Palestinian people”.

“”Israel” is failing … the claim of creating a new regional order is a mistake they are making and it is an illusion … It is our responsibility to defend Palestinians,” Larijani added.

Matin Rezvanian for his part, an engineer who came with his colleagues to the rallies told al-Ahed that “Iranians on Al-Quds day condemn the US moving of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds and they assure that Trump’s words will never come to life; there will be no day when the holy city of Al-Quds will be the capital of an occupying regime called “Israel””. His friend also made remarks noting that “We are Iranians, we chose to be independent, and have chosen to become a free people and this is what angers the US and “Israel”. In fact, “Israel” is terrified when it sees so much resolve and such ‘zero’ fear in the hearts of an entire population, and Palestine is part of our fight as Muslims and as human beings who have tasted wars and injustice.”

At the end of the ceremonies, Iranians declared their support for Palestine and its people through a resolution through which they reiterated the liberation of al-Quds and all of Palestine from “Israeli” occupation. They also assured the efforts to be made to annihilate the “Israeli” regime described as a cancerous tumor.

Source: Al-Ahed

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