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Ayatollah Khamenei answers recently-asked questions on religious issues ‎(Part II)

Rasa – According to Ayatollah Khamenei, women must wear the obligatory hijab at ‎sports venues and in places where they are exposed to ‎non-mahrams.‎
RNA – The following are the latest istifta’at (inquiries on religious matters) from Grand ‎‎Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.‎

Ownership of spiritual property

Question: Can the owners of spiritual property, such as writers, software developers ‎or ‎publishers, establish conditions that: ‎
A) The buyer doesn’t provide books or CDs to others. ‎
B) The buyer doesn’t teach the materials contained in this book or on the CD to others.‎

Answer: If this condition is in the transaction, it isn’t a problem in and if it’s accepted ‎by the ‎customer, it’s necessary to act upon it.‎

Internet competitions and prizes

Question: Is it possible to participate in internet competitions in which prizes are ‎given for ‎answering questions?‎

Answer: There is no problem if participating in the competitions is free or isn’t ‎between ‎many individuals who pay the losing money to the winner.‎

Hijab at sports venues

Question: Can women wear special sports clothing to participate in sports in the presence of ‎non-‎mahrams, such as in mountain-climbing or in some sports venues?‎

Answer: Ladies must observe the obligatory hijab in places where they are exposed to ‎non-‎mahrams and there is no difference between the case of sport and other than that ‎and the ‎clothing that women wear or movements that they engage in must not be such ‎that they ‎attract attention from non-mahrams or lead to corruption.‎

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