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Iranian Navy to Produce New Heavy Submarine, Chief Says

Commander of the Iranian Navy unveiled plans to manufacture a new homegrown heavy submarine.

In comments at a press conference on Saturday, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said the Navy is designing a new class of heavy submarine, called “Be’sat.”

The construction of the new submarine will begin soon, Irani added.

Highlighting the Navy’s success in combating threats to Iranian vessels, the commander said the security of the trade ships has been provided a hundred percent.

“We have active presence in the region and the world in the international arena, an example of which is the participation in the IONS conference,” he added, warning the enemies that the Iranian Navy’s response will not be confined to any geographical border if the Islamic Republic is threatened.

Vowing Iran’s continued strong presence in international waters, the commander said Iran has maintained its naval equipment updated and seeks to develop new gear and increase the number of vessels.

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