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Top 5 Islamic Shia Bookshops

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos of Amazon got 54% richer during the pandemic, using the shutdown of small businesses to increase market share in cold-blooded fashion.

However, the average consumer has a role to play in this consolidation. By choosing to shop from them, instead of independently-owned sellers (who are able to stay afloat through e-commerce storefronts), we contribute to the ungodly growth of godless conglomerates like Amazon, who have known ties to the CIA.

While getting e-books is much easier on Amazon, physical books can be procured from a myriad of independent publishers and resellers.

We should make reading a habit. Moreover, we should get our children used to reading books from childhood. For example, when they want to go to sleep, they can read a book. Or we can make sure they spend part of their leisure time reading. During school holidays, students should read. That is, they should choose some books, read them and finish them. People who work during the day, such as office workers, laborers, retailers or farmers, should spend part of their time after work, even half an hour, reading books.

– Imam Khamenei

Reading books is definitely back in style, as it should be, and since COVID policies have come into effect there has been a huge surge in the interest for Islamic books. The novelty of holding an actual book and being able to feel and smell the paper has never been more appealing. Not to mention the negative health effects that blue light radiation has on our sleep cycles and overall health, which is yet another reason many prefer physical books to e-books.

There’s lots of fantastic bookshops out there offering a range of [Shia] Islamic books, so below we decided to put together our top 5 for you to explore.

1. House of Taha

The newest upstart on this list is House of Taha which started in 2021 but in the space of a short period it has stamped its presence on the Shia web offering a range of eye-catching quality books.

Based in the UK and offering fast delivery around the world, they have a lot of interesting new titles and frequently run giveaways on Instagram. Home of important titles from Ayatollah Khamenei and stories of the Shuhada, House of Taha also sells other products like perfumes, hijabs, t-shirts, and some natural products.

Their customer service is great and they’re accessible over email and Instagram, usually responding within hours.

Check them out on www.houseoftaha.com

2. Eimaan Hujjat Bookshop

This is another great service from the UK, which we like to call the jaganuat of Shia bookshops priding itself on hosting over 800 book titles. It is the longest standing service for Shia books on this list.

You will find many of the classic books here including Nahjul Balagha, Mafatih Al-Jinan, Al-Kafi, and others.

And if you’re looking for value for money, the cheap price tags on some of their titles are very attractive but it should be noted that what you save in money, you might lose in quality.

Their social media presence is lacking, but they are quick to respond on email when you contact them through the website.

Check them out on www.hujjatbookshop.co.uk

3. Shia Books Australia

This is definitely a contender for the best place to get your books. Based in Australia, their slick website, book range, and good customer service makes them very approachable.

It is worth noting that they have some unique quality books and are the first to stock Lantern Publication titles in addition to some other fantastic books from Shaheed Mutahhari, among others.

Check them out on www.shiabooks.com.au

4. Al-Buraq Islamic Store

This is our pick for America’s leading Shia Bookstore with hundreds of titles both in English and Arabic.

They have a great range of books, some of which they publish themselves in addition to re-prints of some of the classics.

Moreso, they also stock an interesting range of other products, particularly gem rings!

With good customer service and a fast turnaround for delivery, they’re definitely worth exploring.

Check them out on www.al-buraq.org

5. The Islamic College

Obviously the Islamic College isn’t just a bookshop and has a lot of other activities in education and academia, but it features on our list because the publications sold on their website are of particular interest.

For many years they have published a wide range of academic Shia Islamic titles that are printed in high quality with good translations, giving them pride of place as an authority in Islamic academic literature.

Check them out on www.islamic-college.ac.uk/product-category/books

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