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Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei’s Statements | Interview with Wilayah News

The Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Sayyid Ali Khamenei made statements to refute American criticisms of Iran and and encouraged government officials and youth o be more steadfast in resisting against the ploys of the enemy.

Press TV interviewed Wilayah News’ Editor in Chief, Sheikh Shabbir Hassanaly to get his views. Below is a summary of the interview.

The sheikh reminded the audience of Imam Khomeini’s inference to the Islamic Revolution as an explosion of light. Around the world, corruption, slavery to corporatism and Zionism has enveloped the world in a darkness.  The Islamic Republic is considered a beacon of light by many who choose to ignore the demonisation of Iran by the media which is seen as an attempt to further US hegemony considering Iran’s increasing influence in the region.

He explains how the leadership system in the Islamic Republic, which some refer to as Wilayatul Faqih – Guardianship of the Jurist, is connected to the Divine and numerous people around the globe and Iranians alike, embrace it as an important tool to help move us forwards towards Truth.

Although many great thinkers in Universities across he neoliberal western world try to look for holes within the system to criticise it, they will not be able to extinguish this light of guidance.


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