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Ayatollah Mohaqqeq-Kabuli passes away

RNA – Ayatollah Qorban-Ali ‎Mohaqqeq-Kabuli, an Afghani Shi’ah source of emulation, passed ‎away on June 11, 2019 at the ‎age of 91.‎

His Eminence was born in the village of Turkman in Afghan province of Parwan northwest of ‎Kabul in 1928. He was a Twelver Shi’ah source of emulation in Afghanistan. He is an ethnic ‎Hazara.‎

Early life

He started his basic religious schooling at the age of seven by learning Quran and religion-‎related books in the Persian language. He became deeply involved in Islamic beliefs, ‎literature, logic, jurisprudence and sciences after he joined local religious schools. Later, he ‎went to Kabul where educational resources were limited and the political situation was not ‎appropriate either. Then, for further studies, he left Afghanistan for Iran. In 1953, he went ‎to Najaf, Iraq to study.‎

Life in Najaf

His higher education started in 1953 in Najaf, his teachers were Ayatollah Abdul-Ali Sabzevari, ‎Shaykh Kazem Tabrizi, Sayyed Abdul-Husayn Rashti, Mohammad-Taqi al-Razi, Shaykh Sadra, ‎and Shaykh Mujtaba Talmaz. He also attended lectures of Imam Khomeini. In 1955, his ‎teachers were Ayatollah Sayyed Abolqasem Khoei and Ayatollah Mohammad-Baqir Zanjani.‎

Return to Afghanistan

After completing his education he returned to Afghanistan in 1973, he was welcomed by ‎thousands of people on his arrival.‎

In Afghanistan, he established many educational and religious institutions to promote Islamic ‎education and cultural awareness.‎

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