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Ayatollah Sobhani warns about Oman’s normalization of relations with the Zionist regime

In a letter to the Grand Mufti of Oman, Ayatollah Sobhani emphasized the dangerous ‎dimensions of establishing relations with the Zionist regime and offered suggestions on ‎strengthening the unity of the Islamic Ummah.‎
RNA – Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani wrote a letter to Shaykh Ahmad ibn Hamad al-Khalili, the ‎Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, wherein he emphasized the dangerous dimensions of ‎establishing relations with the Zionist regime and the need for the Omani authorities to be ‎informed of the dangers of this action by the scholars of their country and offered proposals ‎to strengthen the unity of the Islamic Ummah.‎

A summary of the most important parts of the text of this letter is as follows:‎

We met with Shaykh Jibraili of the Sultanate of Oman, who carried your precious gift – ‎namely the message “Where is the Islamic Ummah?” – and in that letter, your practical ‎response to our suggestion for the holding a conference on the sedition of takfir (apostasy) ‎which has been promulgated among the children of the Islamic Ummah due to ignorance of ‎the principles of Islam and the standards of faith and disbelief. ‎

In your precious message, you described this disease and its cure. May God acknowledge ‎your valuable efforts in inviting the unity of the Islamic Ummah.‎

But with regard to this letter, a suggestion came to my mind – I am hopeful that this will be ‎acceptable to you and will be included in future versions of this message. ‎

In one section, you have brought a hadith from Abdullah ibn ‎‎Umar from the Prophet ‎Muhammad about Khaybar. [Here, Ayatollah Sobhani mentions that the Grand Mufti of ‎Oman should have explained the unmatched role of Imam Ali in the Battle of Khaybar and ‎noted: “Referring to Imam Ali causes dignity and blessing.”]‎

We honour and value your strong regret that Muslims have forgotten their biggest issue, the ‎issue of Palestine and are buried under a “heap of sedition” in regard to this issue. ‎

Of course, I was very pleased about this. However, the content that the media has ‎broadcast in regard to the creation of a proper platform for establishing relations with the ‎Zionist regime in Oman is questionable. Therefore, the zealous scholars of Islam, especially ‎Your Excellency, must be responsible in regard to the danger that such action, corruption ‎and damage caused to Islam and the Muslims.‎
‎ ‎
Your message conveys the right of the issue about the sedition of takfir, in which there are ‎comprehensive and diligent advice for the pure hearts and listening ears but what must be ‎considered is the condemnation of those who financially sponsor Takfiri groups. Where do ‎they get these deadly weapons and these devastating military provisions from?‎

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