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Bahraini Activist Abdulhadi Khawaja Goes on Hunger Strike

Imprisoned Bahraini activist, Abdulhadi Khawaja is going on a hunger strike once again, demanding that the authorities in the country respect his and all the prisoners’ rights.

Gulf Center for Human Rights reported that Khawaja, who has a dual nationality with Denmark, started a hunger strike on 12th April 2017,  “demanding that that the human and civil rights of all prisoners be respected by the prison administration” in the Bahraini capital.

It is Khawaja’s fifth hunger strike since his arrest in April 2011, after which he was sentenced to life in prison for his human rights activities.

The rights center meanwhile reported that the health of Khawaja was deteriorating, urging the immediate release of the human rights activist.

Source: Al-Manar 

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