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By Sadiq Al mussawi

In The name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Praise be to God! Who generalized his present and his generosity among his creatures…
Blessing and peace be up on our prophet “Mohammad” and his family members.
This is the fourteen infallibiles abrief life history, who are “the prophet, Fatima and the twelve Imams” with some of their important characters which must be known by the believers and all of the muslims in every where. In abrief style. In order to get the plentiful merit and the levely compliment.
So we praise for God (s.w.) to help us in realizing this work.

Muhammedul- Hussain Eladeeb

Kerbalae Thursday

25 th. Shawaal 1393

21 Nov. 11973

1.The Holy prophet (blessing and peace be up on him)
His agnomen: Al- Mostafa
His titles: ABUL- Qassim “Al- Qassims father”
Khairul Bareea “The best of all the creatures”
Nabiur-rahmeh “The clemency prophet”.
Saahibul-Melhameh “The heroism own”.
Muhalil et-taibaat “The delights legalizer”.
Khatimun-nabieen “the seal of the prophets”.
Rasoolul-hammideen “the praisers’ Apostle”
Rahmatan lil aalameen “Acompassion for the worlds”
Kaaidul-ghur-el muhajjaleen “The godlies’ a chief”
Abdullah “The servant of God”
Kheerat-ullah “The prime of Allah”
Sayeed ul- Mursaleen “The apostles’ master”
Imamul- Muttakeen “The Godlies’ Imam”
Habeebu-llah “ALLAH’S lover”
Safeeu-llah “The pick of Allah”
Nematu-llah “The grace of Allah”
Saahibu-lliwa “The banner own”
Ibnul-fawaatim “The fawaatim son”
Al- Abdul Moayed “The supported man”
An-nabiul-Muhathab “The weel educated prophet”
As-safiul Mukarrab “The favorite intimate”
Al-Habeebil muntajab “The candidate darling”
Al- Ameenul Muntakhab “The selected trust worthy”
Sahibul- Hawd wal Kawther “The basin and Al- Kawssar owner”
Khairul basher “The best of all people”
Al- Murtazaa lil Elm “The wished for the science”
Muharrimul- Khabaith “The pestilents prohibitory”
Muftahul- Janneh “The clue of the paradise”
Dawatu- Ibraheem “IBRAM’S MISSION”
Bushra- ISSA “The good omen of Jesus”
His father’s name: Abdullah
His mother’s name: Aamineh bint Weheb
His Birth day: He was born on Friday morning the seventeenth of Rabie ul-awal month.
His birth place: Mecca il-Mucarrameh city.
His birth year: The 622 p.c. the elephant-year through Anusher- Waans epoch.
His decease – day: He was died in the twenty- eighth of safar month
His decease – year: He died At the beginning of the eleventh year A.H.
His age: He was sixty – three years old.
His decease reason: He is poisoned by eating the envenomed food.
His cemetery: Medineh munawareh.
His sons’ number: He had seven sons they were three males and four females…
The males are:

    1. Al- Qassim


    1. Abdullah


    1. Ibrahm…


The females are:

    1. Zaineb


    1. Ruqiah


    1. Ummu- Kulthum


    1. Fatimeh.


His wives number: He had “15” fifteen wives
His finger ring’s writing: The two testimonies. “There is no God but God. Mohammad the massenger of God”

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