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Crimes of the arrogant powers will not affect the persistent will of the Iranian nation in ‎support of the Islamic Revolution

Rasa – The chairman of the Assembly of Experts offered his condolences on the martyrdom ‎of a number of compatriots in the terrorist attack in Ahvaz and called for a quick and ‎powerful confrontation with the perpetrators of this criminal act.‎
RNA – Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the chairman of the Assembly of Experts and secretary of ‎the Guardian Council, expressed his condolences in a statement issued in regard to the ‎massacre of his fellow countryman in the September 22nd terrorist attack in the ‎southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz.‎


Terrorists opened fire on people watching a military parade held to mark the invasion of Iran ‎by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Husyan during the 1980s.‎


The Saudi-backed al-Ahwaziyah terror group, which is based in Europe, has claimed ‎responsibility for the assault.‎


The text of Ayatollah Jannati’s message is as follows: ‎


In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful ‎


The bitter and unfortunate terrorist attack in Ahvaz, which resulted in the martyrdom and ‎wounding of a group of armed forces and innocent and dear people, is a source of intense ‎heartfelt sorrow and pain. ‎


This terrible crime, while proving the evil union between the mercenary terrorist groups, the ‎reactionary governments of the region and the arrogant powers of the world centred on the ‎United States, once again, demonstrated the legitimacy and state of oppression of the ‎honourable nation of Iran to the world on the anniversary of the prideful epic of the Sacred  ‎Defence [Iran-Iraq War].‎


I convey my condolences to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah ‎Sayyed Ali Khamenei] and the honourable people of Islamic Iran, especially the survivors ‎and families of the martyrs, and pray to God Almighty to grant full health to the wounded. I ‎demand a serious security and judicial pursuit of the agents and planners of this terrorist and ‎inhumane incident by the responsible authorities.‎


The malicious and arrogant officials and weak mercenaries know that this historical ‎experience is the testimony of the increasing dignity and solidarity of the Iranian nation ‎against the masterminds of this events and the dignified period of the Sacred Defence is a ‎gift of the same solidarity and dignity which arose from the school of Ashura. ‎


Ahmad Jannati
Chairman of the Assembly of Experts and Secretary of the Guardian Council

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