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If the people follow the Quran, they won’t surrender to the enemies

Rasa – Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri said that the only way toward human prosperity is to ‎follow the Quran, stressing, “If the people follow the Quran, they won’t surrender to the ‎enemies and the arrogant powers. If Islam dominates the people’s lives and hearts, the ‎arrogant powers will continue to be slapped by the Islamic ummah.”‎

RNA – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers in Qom’s Quds ‎Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Seyyed Hashem Hoseyni-Bushehri referred to the successful holding of ‎the 32nd Islamic Unity Conference, he added, “This year, as in previous years, Islamic Unity ‎Conference was held with greatness that could be the source of goodness and blessings for ‎the Islamic ummah. While congratulating the participants of the conference, we hope that ‎the conspiracies of the enemies will fail and we will witness the strengthening of the unity of ‎the Islamic ummah.” ‎


The member of the board of directors of the Assembly of Experts celebrated the anniversary ‎of the arrival of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah to Qom and said, “Since the time that Lady al-‎Ma’sumah entered Qom, her shrine has always been the base for the dissemination and ‎expansion of Shi’ism and said, “The sources of the emulation and Islamic Seminaries are ‎proud to be in the vicinity of the holy shrine of the ‘Generous One of the Ahlul-Bayt.’ Every ‎year, the people of Qom revere this day and this year must be the same.” ‎


Referring to Navy Day, he remarked, “Today, the heroic navy shines and stands firmly ‎against the miscreants and those who intend to plot against the Islamic Revolution. This ‎force has made valuable efforts, such as the construction of a submarine, and this deserves ‎to be honoured.”‎


Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri noted the upcoming Parliamentary Day and said, “The Islamic ‎Consultative Assembly has a key and influential role in society and the representatives of the ‎parliament must protect their constant contact with the people and not forget that they are ‎in parliament through the votes of the people. The representatives must be given priority ‎because the country needs development and constructive laws.”‎


The secretary of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Seminary argued that the Islamic ‎Consultative Assembly must follow the basic positions of the Islamic Revolution and the ‎people and said, “The principled positions regarding the Islamic Resistance and the interests ‎of the system must be taken into consideration, instead of engaging in factional issues, you ‎must protect the independence of the parliament and it must not be subjected to factional ‎claims.” ‎


He referred to the important remarks made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic ‎Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] in a meeting with the guests who attended the Islamic Unity ‎Conference and said, “He said that the only way toward human prosperity is to follow the ‎Quran. If the people follow the Quran, they won’t surrender to the enemies and the arrogant ‎powers. If Islam dominates the people’s lives and hearts, the arrogant powers will continue ‎to be slapped by the Islamic ummah.”‎


Referring to the warning of the Supreme Leader to the leaders of Islamic countries, Ayatollah ‎Hoseyni-Bushehri stated, “In his warning, the Supreme Leader said they must return to the ‎guardianship of God and leave the guardianship of the United States and the tyrants. It’s ‎very ugly and nasty that the leader of an Islamic country is under the guardianship of the ‎tyrants but today, some countries are proud of this and demonstrate that they have nothing ‎to do with Islam and they are perpetrating the worst crimes with the support of the enemies ‎of Islam.”‎


The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom pointed out, “The Supreme ‎Leader said that due to the forty-year-long resistance of the people of Iran, the Islamic ‎Revolution has become a huge tree and we will against resist on the path of this sacred ‎objective.”‎


Referring to the recent 6.3 earthquake in Kermanshah, His Eminence added, “This year, like a ‎year ago, there was an earthquake and the intensity of shaking was high, but fortunately, ‎there no loss of life, but damages were caused. The people of Qom assisted the people of ‎Kermanshah a lot after the earthquake. Service with the support of the people must be ‎given to the victims of this earthquake quicker so that with sympathy and cooperation, we ‎witness the immediate relief of the problems facing Kermanshah province.”‎


Rasa News Agency

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