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Imam Khamenei on Labor Day: If the US Stood against US, It Will Certainly be Defeated

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei received a group of workers from all over Iran on Monday on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.

Labor Day

May 1 marks the International Workers’ day, also known as the Labor Day, which honors the workers.

In his speech, the Imam said: US’s plan is to provoke some ignorant governments with little knowledge, in our own region, to confront the Islamic Republic. If these government officials gain some wisdom, they won’t confront the Islamic Republic; but, if they stand against Iran, they will certainly suffer from defeat.

“US officials agitate Saudis, creating discord and chaos in West Asia. Why don’t you agitate the Zionists? Because they want to turn Muslims against one another; thus, avoiding the burden of an outcome from confronting the Islamic Republic and the powerful Iranian nation,” the Imam said.

The Imam further stressed that: Wherever the US entered, it created instability, brought misery to people; that’s why US’s feet must be cut off from West Asia; US must exit this region. The one whose feet should be cut off is US, not Islamic Republic. We are from here. Persian Gulf, West Asia are our home.

On the same occasion, the Imam visited an exhibition of Iranian goods and praised the quality of domestically-made products.

The exhibition displayed a wide variety of goods including home appliance, stationery, clothes, textile, foodstuff, medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics, kid’s stuff, automobile parts, and industrial and construction equipment.

Imam Khamenei listened to producers talking about their problems, and issued necessary orders to relevant officials to solve the problems.

He also praised the quality of the goods and stressed necessity of countering trafficking of contraband goods and stopping unnecessary imports.
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