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Imam Khamenei: Wherever the Americans Go, They Create Crises

Imam Khamenei: Wherever the Americans Go, They Create Crises

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei addressed the nation on the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

In his speech, Imam Khamenei slammed the United States as the “juggernaut of our era”.

His Eminence went on to tackle the issue of insult to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] warning that, “There are parties and regimes that support and stand behind the publication of the cartoons insulting the Holy Prophet [PBUH], as the French President has done”.

“Supporting these cartoons is a bad thing that the French government has committed, and this angered the Islamic nation,” the Leader explained.

Imam Khamenei went on to say that, “The French government links the insulting cartoons with the freedom of expression while it supports terrorist regimes that have killed our leaders and citizens”.

“The crime of supporting cartoons insulting the Holy Prophet [PBUH] doesn’t differ from that of supporting the brutal and terrorist regimes,” His Eminence added.

The Leader further said, “Some Western regimes claim that they are concerned for humanity while they practice brutality towards other civilization”.

However, His Eminence commended on the unity of the Islamic nation which has been clearly demonstrated by the recent events in the Islamic world.

In a related notion, the Imam warned that “Normalization with the Zionists is a bad thing and a result of the lack of unity in the Islamic world,” saying that those “who normalized with ‘Israel’ are too little to influence the Palestinian Cause”.

In addition, Imam Khamenei said, “The enemy sought to disperse Muslims because unity is important to protect their societies,” adding that the enemies also “entrenched Daesh [Arabic acronym for ‘ISIS’ / ‘ISIL’] – which is US made – among us”.

Elsewhere in his speech, the Leader explained, “The subservient of America in the region provided financial support and weapons to the terrorists”.

His Eminence shed light on the US’s policy in the region, saying, “The Americans planted terrorists in our region and the Saudi regime provided them with money,” and warning that wherever the US sends its troops, it causes chaos.

The Imam gave examples of the chaos the US causes and said, “Wherever the Americans go, they create crises, as is the case in Yemen, where KSA is launching its war on the US behalf”.

Though, Imam Khamenei said “The youth of Iraq have prevented America’s influence in their country”.

The Leader advised, “We must face global arrogance and not surrender to it. We reject humiliation,” adding that “they are the ones who started the war on us”.

Relatedly, His Eminence tackled the issue of US policy towards Iran, saying that “The Americans issued resolutions against the Islamic Republic soon after its formation and supported the terrorists against us… US hostility towards us stems from our rejection to their unjust policies in the region, especially Palestine”.

Imam Khamenei said Iran is “not concerned with the change of names in the US presidential elections, which is considered the most fraudulent; we are concerned with the US politics.”

The Imam slammed the US saying its “regime is suffering from a moral decline, as the Americans themselves say”.

His Eminence advised, “We must owe real and not an illusory strength to confront various schemes,” explaining that “Tehran’s policy towards Washington will not change regardless of who wins the US elections”.

“Addressing crises does not necessarily mean cutting relations. We must accelerate production to face sanctions,” the Leader stated.

Regarding the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Imam Khamenei encouraged an end to, as “it threatens the region’s security,” adding that “Azerbaijan has the right to liberate its occupied lands; and international borders must be respected”.

The Leader stressed the importance of confronting the terrorist who “were brought to our” in case they “caused any threat”. He said, “We will take the necessary measures”.

In conclusion, Imam Khamenei stressed the need to “obtaining the necessary military to maintain the country’s security and protect it from the enemies’ ambitions”.

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Imam Khamenei: Wherever the Americans Go, They Create Crises

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