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“Israel” Advances Plans for nearly 2,200 Settling Units

“Israel” continues to build settlements showing no respect for any international norm.

According to new revelations, “Israeli” authorities have advanced plans for nearly 2,200 settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

A war ministry committee with responsibility for such projects on Tuesday and Wednesday approved the plans.

It said 1,159 units were given final approvals before building permits can be issued, while 1,032 were at an earlier stage.

The Times of “Israel” website also reported the development, saying in total 2,191 settlement units are expected to be advanced this week.

It is the first such approvals since snap polls were called earlier this week, after the ruling right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu collapsed.

On Monday, Netanyahu agreed to dissolve parliament and call for early elections on April 9.

The settlements, which play an important role in “Israel’s” right-wing politics, have surged under Netanyahu. Earlier on Wednesday, he met settler leaders in Occupied Al-Quds.

“We’ll see an attempt by the left-wing to overthrow our rule with the help of the media and others,” he said, speaking of the elections.

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