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“Israel” Forms New Battalion to Be ‘In First Line’ against Hezbollah

As the Zionist occupation military’s fear from Hezbollah increasing might grows, it formed a new reserves battalion to act as the first line against Hezbollah by protecting the communities along the northern occupied border with Lebanon.

Dubbed “Gates of Fire,” or Shaare Ha’esh, the “Israeli” force was created as part of the Zionist military’s efforts to confront the powerful Hezbollah. Last month, the occupation army also launched an engineering operation, so-called “Northern Shield,” to find and destroy alleged Hezbollah cross-border tunnels.

The new battalion is aimed at “countering Hezbollah’s plans” to conquer parts of the occupied Galilee panhandle and the communities inside it in the future. It will serve under the brigade that guards the region, the Baram Brigade.

The unit is made up of reservists freshly released from the Golani Infantry Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion.

Col. Roi Levi, commander of the Baram Brigade, told soldiers during the formation ceremony for the unit, that the Gates of Fire Battalion serves a dual purpose: It is first tasked with ‘protecting the communities and military posts closest to the border. Once those sites are secured, the unit is then meant to go on the offensive and attack Hezbollah inside Lebanon.’

The Zionist army believes Hezbollah will seek to conquer swaths of northern occupied Palestine as the opening maneuver of a future war.

The foundation of the battalion was mocked in Lebanon.

“We thank God that we live in a time when our enemy is forming defensive battalions because of the force of our resistance, after we were in a time when the enemy was able to conquer our capital with just a marching band,” Ali Shoeib, a journalist for a Al-Manar TV, wrote on Twitter.

The newly formed battalion has already held its first exercise. Lasting about five days, the drill focused on “conquering Hezbollah positions, night-time fighting and urban combat,” the Zionist army claimed.

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