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“Israel”, US Prepare for Possible Iranian Retaliation

Fearing Iran’s retaliation for last week’s assassination of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, senior officers in the “Israeli” War Ministry have met in recent days with their counterparts at US Central Command.

According to ‘Israeli’ Haaretz Newspaper, several military measures have been taken in anticipation of a possible Iranian retaliation. These include procedures for joint detection of missile or rocket fire at “Israeli” or American targets.

The two militaries have been collaborating in these areas routinely. The “Israeli” army has made some minor changes in its deployment since the assassination, but no reserve forces have been mobilized and no units reinforced.

Relatively, “Israeli” military officials believe that there is a high probability that an Iranian reprisal will come. It’s possible that such an attempt will be carried out this month to keep a safe distance from the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20.

“Another danger lies in attempts to attack top ‘Israeli’ figures or embassies abroad. Iran showed a high operational capability in September 2019 in a drone and cruise-missile attack on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia that did major damage,” Haaretz highlighted.

Washington is currently scaling down its presence in the Middle East and South Asia, at the behest of outgoing President Donald Trump. To secure the withdrawal of forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, an aircraft carrier and heavy bombers have been deployed in the Gulf.





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