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Larijani: We Haven’t Closed Doors, But US Should Know That Maximum Pressure Policy Failed

Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Sunday Iran has always had the political will for solving issues with the United States, but stressed that Washington should know that policy of maximum pressure has failed.

In a press conference with domestic and foreign media correspondents in Tehran, Larijani answered a CBS News reporter’s question about prospects of talks between Iran and the United States.

There has always been a political will for solving such issues and there is no dead-end, Larijani said, noting that the main point is that they have to understand that the maximum pressure policy is a failed method which should be altered.

“We have not closed the doors but Americans should understand that it is not the right way.”

Meanwhile, he hit back at French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s threat to enact the nuclear deal’s ‘dispute resolution mechanism’, saying that the mechanism which is also known as the ‘trigger mechanism’ exists for both sides of the deal and Iran can use it as well.

“If Europeans use the trigger mechanism, Iran will have to reconsider some of its commitments to IAEA; there also exists the same mechanism for this side of the deal; its not be the case that others use this capacity and Iran doesn’t,” the Iranian speaker said.

Commenting on recent accidents in Iraq and Iran’s concerns, he said with the presence of Iraq’s Grand Cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani, Iran will have no concerns since he is aware of the various dimensions of the issue.

He also rejected the impact of developments in Iraq on Iran, saying Iran considers Iraq as our ally.


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