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Lebanese Minister Wahhab: Hezbollah Saved the Country from Carnage

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Former Lebanese minister Wiam Wahhab praised Sunday Hezbollah’s intervention that had rescued Lebanon from a “major carnage” in the wake of Saturday’s clash in the Chouf town of Jahliyeh, as he pointed out that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri will “end up in prison.”

“I will file a lawsuit Monday against Hariri, [Internal Security Forces chief Imad] Othman and [State Prosecutor Samir] Hammoud,” Wahhab told TV networks ahead of the funeral of Mohammed Bou Diab, one of his supporters who died of his wounds following Saturday’s clash with a commando unit from the ISF’s Intelligence Branch.

Wahhab revealed that “he was five meters away from me and he looks like me.” suggesting that there was an attempt on his life.

“He was killed by a weapon belonging to the state according to the forensic doctor’s report and he was targeted from a distance by a sniper,” the former minister added, reiterating that “Mount Lebanon’s safety is more important than us all but Saad Hariri, Samir Hammoud and Imad Othman must bear the responsibility for what happened.”

He further added: “Mt. Lebanon’s safety must not be jeopardized, even if my blood is spilled.”
“The Hariri-Hammoud-Othman criminal trio is responsible and we will sue them,” the ex-minister vowed.

Adding that “Saad Hariri will end up in prison and will be behind bars when the political circumstances change,” Wahhab said he has asked supporters not to block roads or fire in the air during Bou Diab’s funeral.

The ex-minister also said that he had intended to appear before Hammoud to testify at the justice minister’s request but that the state prosecutor “did not answer” his phone call on Saturday.

Saturday’s clash erupted during an attempt to arrest Wahhab at his home in Jahliyeh.

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