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The book of Intelligence and ignorance

H 1, Ch. 1, h 1

Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ya’qub has narrated from a number of our people of whom one is Muhammad ibn Yahya al-‘Attar who narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Hassan ibn Mahbub from ‘Ala’ ibn Razin from Muhammad ibn Muslim from abu Ja’far (a.s) who has said the following.
” When Allah, God, created Intelligence He made it speak and then He said to it, ‘Come forward’.

It came forward. He then said, “Go back.” It went back.

Then Allah said, “I swear by My honor and glory that I have not created any creature more beloved to Me than you. I will not perfect you in anyone except those whom I love. I, however, will command only you to do things and prohibit only you from doing certain things. I will grand blessings (rewards) to you only and will subject only you to punishments.”


H 2, Ch. 1, h 2

Ali ibn Muhammad has narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad, from ‘Amr ibn ‘Uthman, from Mufaddal ibn Salih from Sa‘d ibn Tarif from Asbagh ibn Nabatah, from Ali (a.s) who has said the following.
“Once Jibril came to Adam (a.s) and said, ‘I am ordered to offer you three choices. You may chose one and leave the other two. Adam then asked, “What are those three things?”

Gibril replied, ‘They are Intelligence, bashfulness and religion.’

Adam then said, “I chose Intelligence.” Gibril then asked bashfulness and religion to return and leave Intelligence with Adam. They said to Gibril, ‘O Gibril, we are commanded to be with Intelligence wherever it may exist. Gibril then said, “It then is up to you.” He then ascended to heavens.


H 3, Ch. 1, h 3

Ahmad ibn ‘Idris has narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Jabbar, from certain persons of our people in a Marfu’ manner, who have ascribed it to abu ‘Abdallah (a.s) who has said the following.
The narrator has said, “I asked abu ‘Abdallah, “What is Intelligence?” He replied, ‘It is a fact with whose help one worships Allah, the Merciful, and attains paradise.’ I then asked, “What was the thing with Mu’awiyah?” ‘It was shrewdness. Mischief is similar to Intelligence but it is not Intelligence.’ The Imam replied.


H 4, Ch. 1, h 4

Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from ibn Faddal from al-Hassan ibn al-Jahm who has said the following.
“I heard (Imam) al-Rida (a.s) saying, “The friend of a person is his/her Intelligence and the enemy of a person is his/her ignorance.”


H 5, Ch. 1, h 5

It is narrated from him from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from ibn Faddal from al-Hassan ibn al-Juham who has said the following.
“I said to abu al-Hassan, “We know certain people who have a great deal of love but they don not have much determination (and understanding of the cause of Imamat).” The Imam replied, “They are not of the ones that Allah has admonished. What Allah has said is that people of Intelligence and understanding must take a lesson.”


H 6, Ch. 1, h 6

Ahmad ibn Idris has narrated from Muhammad ibn Hassa’n from abu Muhammad al-Razi from Sayf ibn ‘Umayra from Ishaq ibn ‘Ammar from abu ‘Abdallah (a.s) who has said the following.
“One who has Intelligence he has a religion also and one who has religion he enters Paradise.”


H 7, Ch. 1, h 7

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Khalid from al-Hassan ibn Ali ibn Yaqtin from Muhammad ibn Sinan ibn abu al-Jarud from abu Ja‘far (a.s) who has said the following.
“Allah, on the Day of Judgment, will hold everyone accountable according to the degree of the intelligence that He had given them in their worldly life.”


H 8, Ch. 1, h 8

Ali ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Abdallah has narrated from Ibrahim ibn Ishaq al-Ahmar from Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Daylami his father who has said the following.
“Once I mentioned a certain person’s intelligence, worship and religion before Imam abu ‘Abdallah (a.s). The Imam (a.s) asked, “How is his intelligence? The man replied, ‘I do not know.’ The Imam then said, “The degree of reward is based on the degree of intelligence. A man of Bani Israel worshipped Allah on an island in the ocean. The island was lush green, with many trees and abundant water. Once an angels passed by the worshipper and asked Allah to show how much reward and blessings would the worshipper receive for his good deeds. Allah showed the rewards due to the worshipper to the angel and the angel considered it very little. Allah then told the angel to stay with the worshipper as a companion. The angel then appeared to the worshipper in the form of a human being. The worshipper asked, “Who are you?” ‘ I have heard about your great worships and your spiritual position at this place and I wish to join you to worship Allah along with you.” The angel said. He spent that day with the worshipper and the next day the angel said to the worshipper, “Your place is beautiful and it should only be used for worship.” ‘Yes, it is but it has one shortcoming.’ The worshipper responded. “What is that?” The angel inquired. “Our Lord does not have an animal. I whish He had a donkey so that we would look after the donkey to graze all the grass around. All these grass is a waste.” ‘Does your Lord have no donkey? Asked the angel. “Had our Lord had a donkey all this grass would not have turned into waste.” The worshipper answered with sadness. Allah then revealed to the angel, “We reward everyone according to the degree of his/her intelligence.”


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