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The people are separate from the rioters

Hujjat al-Islam Alamolhoda said that protesting and rioting are two separate categories and said, “Protesting ‎is based on intellectual, rational and managerial infrastructure and rioting has no justification except hostility ‎and malice.”‎
RNA – A large number of people gathered in Tehran to defend the authority and security of the Islamic ‎Republic of Iran and condemned the evil-doers and rioters on November 25. ‎

Crowds of Tehran residents gathered in the Iranian capital’s Enqelab (Revolution) Square to demonstrate ‎their support for the country’s Islamic establishment, condemn the recent violent rioting that broke out ‎under the guise of fuel price protests, and convey their demands to the authorities.‎

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Mohammad-Baqer Alamolhoda spoke to Rasa News Agency on the sidelines of this ‎demonstration and stated, “The people’s right to protest is one of the rights recognized in our country.”‎

The custodian of Qasim ibn al-Hasan Educational Institute said that protesting and rioting are two separate ‎categories and said, “Protesting is based on intellectual, rational and managerial infrastructure and rioting ‎has no justification except hostility and malice. The work of those who have engaged in rioting and ‎destruction over the last week has nothing to do with protesting, which is the right of the people.”‎

He pointed out that anarchy, breaking and burning banks and creating terror in society never had anything ‎to do with the protests of the people and said, “The educated and sympathetic people of Iran are ‎sympathetic to the Islamic Revolution and the system. They are Islamic but object to some ‎mismanagement.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Alamolhoda emphasized that the ranks of educated popular protesters were separated from ‎the rioters and added, “The interference of the enemies in the recent riots is clear. Some anarchists and ‎rioters came and most of the protests, people created insecurity in several cities for a short time. These ‎people, whether consciously or ignorantly, are active on the enemy front.”‎

His Eminence said that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution have always shown their hostility to the ‎Iranian people in every possible manner and stated, “The former American Secretary of State and the ‎Former Deputy Secretary of State said ‘we want to break the roots of the Iranian people.’ This statement ‎and similar statements have been made many times and that the actions of the United States have always ‎been on this basis.”‎

He added, “The Iranian people must know and know that they are facing such oppressive and cruel ‎enemies and for this reason, the understanding and honourable Iranian people responded to the rioters and ‎defended the Islamic system in the best manner.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Alamolhoda stated that some people in Iran are fond of the illusions and assistance of ‎foreigners and said, “Those who think they may be able to cooperate with the enemies of the Islamic ‎Revolution for the betterment of society have been deceived and have fallen into the trap of the enemies. ‎That which the enemies show to some of our officials is nothing but a mirage.”‎


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