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Through the FATF and CFT, the US seek to limit Iran and save Israel from being destroyed ‎

Rasa – The head of the Ammar ‎Camp said that the United States wants to save Israel from ‎destruction through the FATF and CFT and warned against the consequences of accepting ‎colonial conventions.‎
RNA – Speaking at a gathering of seminarians and revolutionary scholars of the Islamic ‎Seminary at Qom’s Ma’sumieh Seminary, Hujjat al-Islam Mahdi Taeb, the head of the Ammar ‎‎Camp, said that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has shown the reality and ‎nature of American politics to the world and added, “Trump has shown the essence of ‎American politics to everyone. The United States is collapsing today and for this reason, ‎American politicians have introduced Trump as a crazy person, so that if the policies of this ‎country failed, they can blame the problems on the Trump and say ‘this crazy man came ‎and ruined the United States’ but if their policies respond, they would be encouraged.” ‎

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary added, “When Trump tore up the Joint Comprehensive ‎Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said we were deceived by it because the JCPOA must force a ‎change in Iran’s behaviour in the region but its behaviour in the region has not changed. ‎What the negotiating team told us was that the negotiations with the P5+1 were only in ‎regard to the nuclear issue and thus, it would appear that this incident has many hidden ‎issues.”‎
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He referred to Iran’s power in the region, and emphasized, “Today, Iran ‎stands at the edge ‎of the Golan Heights, and if we conquer it, Israel will be destroyed.‎”‎

Referring to the fact that the United States wants to save Israel from destruction through the ‎Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and ‎Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Hujjat ‎al-Islam Taeb stressed, “Trump once said that Iran could take over the entire Middle East in ‎twelve minutes but due to his actions, it can no longer do such a thing. Trump wants to stop ‎us from conquering the Middle East in twelve minutes by imposing economic pressures on ‎us.”‎

The Iranian cleric added, “Trump’s purpose in the Middle East is Israel because if Israel is ‎destroyed, the United States can no longer remain in the Middle East and the entire Middle ‎East will be in the hands of Iran. After the murder of [Saudi journalist] Jamal Khashoqji, ‎Trump introduced [the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia] Muhammad ibn Salman as his murderer ‎in an interview but he explicitly supported him and said ‘if we don’t support Saudi Arabia, ‎they will be destroyed and if they are destroyed, then Israel will be destroyed as a ‎consequence and we will no longer have a place in the Middle East.’”‎

He said that the enemies won’t retreat from the FATF until Israel is rescued and added, “The ‎United States and Israel are angry at us but because the Islamic ‎Republic has acted in ‎adherence to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in regard to the verse of the ‎Holy Quran, ‘Prepare against them whatever you can of [military] power and war-horses’ ‎‎[8:60], they have been strongly fearful of Iran.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Taeb said that today, the enemies are afraid of Iran, and as a result, they’re ‎seeking to reduce Iran’s missile range, both within the country and in the region, through the ‎FATF ‎and CFT and said, “Today, ‎we must know that the term ‘terrorism’ is defined by the ‎enemies and with their tricks, they decree that Hezbollah, Hamas and Ansarullah are ‎terrorists and must not be funded. By ‎doing so, Iran will no longer have a missile range, not ‎only in the country but also in the ‎region.‎”‎

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