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A First Blow To ‘Israel’ Can Also Be the Last – IRG Chief

Chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] Major General Hossein Salami said the recent string of monumental security disasters right inside the occupied territories shows the ‘Israeli’ regime’s sheer vulnerability.

“‘Israel’s’ security bubble has burst,” Major General Salami told a televised interview on Wednesday night, adding that the image that the regime had portrayed of itself through psychological operation has been destroyed.

“Today, you can see the [real] face of the Zionist regime in its actual proportions,” Salami underscored.

Citing the back-to-back security incidents that the Zionist regime has been suffering over the past one to two months as cases in point that reflect its utter susceptibility, the IRG Chief said the maritime incidents that have involved ‘Israeli’ vessels showed how its trade, 90 percent of which goes through international waters, “can easily suffer serious obstruction.”

General Salami recalled the powerful blast that rocked an ‘Israeli’ missile factory in the central part of the occupied territories in April and gave rise to a mushroom cloud “really resembling that of a nuclear explosion.” He mentioned the Zionist regime’s claim that the blast had been the result of a test, and asked derisively how it had chosen a factory of all places to carry out the so-called test.

As if through a “domino effect,” the incident was ensued by an explosion at the Haifa Chemicals factory, the occupation regime’s announcing that scores of its companies had come under cyber-attack, another blast near Ben Gurion Airport, and killing of several Mossad operatives in northern Iraq, General Salami added.

On the political arena too, the Tel Aviv regime is “facing disintegration” and could break apart from within, Salami said, citing its being forced to hold four elections without achieving political stability.

“The ‘Israeli’ society is also breaking apart at the seams in light of the thousands-strong protest rallies that emerge every Saturday in the occupied territories.”

“The Zionist system is breaking apart, faltering, and crumbling from within,” Salami emphasized, adding that “over the past year and a half, they tried to project a powerful image of themselves, namely inflate themselves like a balloon. The balloon has, however, now burst and showed the extent of the regime’s damageability.”

The geographical contours of the territories occupied by the ‘Israeli’ regime also leave it open to potential fatal blows, General Salami said. “In some areas, the territories are [only] 14 kilometers in width. Therefore, a first blow can also be the last one.”

“The Zionist regime’s biggest weak point is that whatever tactical measure on its part can also be a strategic defeat, meaning that the regime can be destroyed through just one operation,” the IRG chief elaborated.

Nor can the Americans come to their assistance, the commander said, “because the contiguity that used to be witnessed in the ranks of the world’s evil and arrogant actors is falling apart.”

The commander said as the “alignment of power” among those parties is falling in disarray, “we are faced with a new political phenomenon across the world and the region.”

The world’s big powers are suffering political decline and inaction both inside and outside this region, he noted.

“Great distances have fallen among them, and they are no longer capable of helping each other out…. Therefore, we are facing disparate political entities, each of which acts in line with its own interests,” the official said.

Apart from the US’s failure to help out the Zionist entity, Salami referred to Washington’s inability to prevent Saudi Arabia’s defeat in the kingdom’s war on Yemen, as another instance of how the formerly uniform front had come apart.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Salami hailed the “blistering power” that the IRG Quds Force, which used to be commanded by General Soleimani, has provided the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups with.

The Quds Force also unified resistance fronts across the Muslim world in a way that the global arrogance cannot deploy its desired schemes in the region like it used to before, the commander specified.

Meanwhile, Salami hailed Iran’s advances so far in the area of military power, which he said even the country’s enemies acknowledge.

The commander referred to Iran’s drone power as an instance, saying the UAVs have come to challenge drone squadrons across the world.

The UAVs, he added, have turned into perfect replacements for manned aircraft today, whether in case of range, destructive power or precision.

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