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Ghaani: US is Forced to Leave Region, Not Able to Stop Ansarullah Ops against KSA

Commander of al-Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard [IRG], Brigadier General Ismail Ghaani, confirmed that Washington is no longer able to intervene in the region and that it is being forced to gradually leave it.

Ghaani further viewed that “the UAE would face the same Saudi fate if the Yemeni Ansarullah movement decided to strike Abu Dhabi.”

In parallel, he believed that the balance of power is moving in favor of Ansarullah and the American arms could not stop the attacks on Saudi Arabia.

A day earlier, the top Iranian commander hailed the force’s reliance on “ideological foundations and conviction.”

He said these “empowering factors”, alongside the military training, had invariably “brought about the enemies’ defeat and caused the right to prevail against the wrong.”

“Our school is not one that leads to a dead end because it is based on [religious] faith and belief. Wherever our actions revolved around the axis of religion, God came to our assistance during difficult and critical circumstances too and opened up our path,” the commander noted.

Ghaani recalled how the ideological devotion had sustained the force throughout the history of the Islamic Revolution and the battle taking place in defense of Islam and resistance.

“Today, all those who have committed themselves to struggle [down the path of God] and those who are interested in the resistance culture and Martyr Qassem Soleimani, look up to us as their model and source of standard,” he concluded.

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