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Hezbollah Slams Shameful Attacks against Syrian Voters, Calls for Judicial Follow-up

Hezbollah strongly condemned the shameful attacks that were carried out by several political groups against Syrian citizens in some Lebanese areas, which left some of them injured and damaged buses, not to mention the abhorrent racial insults that have nothing to do with ethical values, humanitarian behavior, and normal relations that are supposed to be between the Lebanese and Syrian people.

In its statement, Hezbollah added that “This group and the political forces behind it do not represent the Lebanese people at all, who insisted over the years of the Syrian crisis to embrace those who were displaced from their country. There is no doubt that the vast majority of the Lebanese people doesn’t belong to such rejected behavior, believes in the good neighborhood with the sister Syria, and hope wishfully that the relations between Lebanon and Syria return to normal in which it serves the interests of the two peoples and the two countries on various levels.”

“There is no doubt that the Syrian people’s massive participation in the presidential elections has strongly angered them after the failure of their scheme to invest politically in the Syrian refugees and their tragedy that was caused by the Takfiri and terrorist forces as well as their international and regional sponsors,” the statement read.

It finally concluded by urging the Lebanese security and judicial authorities to strongly follow this issue and ban crossing the limits, as well as taking the wrongdoers and the aggressors to trials and putting an end to hatred and abhorrent racism.

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