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18 charged with ISIL affiliation, terrorism in Lebanon

A military judge in Lebanon has charged 28 terror suspects with belonging to the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group and planning terrorist operations in the country.

The 28 terror suspects, seven of whom were apprehended in security raids on hotels in Beirut, were charged with “affiliation to ISIL in order to perform terrorist operations using suicide vests, rigged cars, as well as the purchase of weapons and explosives to train suicide bombers in Lebanon,” the Military Prosecutor Saqr Saqr said on Monday.

The planned suicide bombings were meant to target residential neighborhoods in Beirut, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported.

Saqr referred the case to Military Investigative Judge Riad Abu Ghida, with the suspects expected to be given the death penalty if convicted.

Source: Al Alam English 

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