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Al Kafi: The book of Intelligence and ignorance 4

The book of Intelligence and ignorance

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Ali ibn Hadid from Suma’a ibn Mihran who has said the following.

“With a gathering of his followers I was in the presence of Imam abu ‘Abdallah (a.s). A discussion on intelligence and ignorance began to emerge among them. Thereupon Imam abu ‘Abdallah said, “You, first, must recognize intelligence and its army and ignorance and its army only then you would find proper guidance.” I then asked, may Allah make my soul of service to you, we only learn what you teach us.” The Imam (a.s) said, “Allah, the Glorious, the Majestic created intelligence and it was the first creature of spiritual world on the right side of the Throne from His light. He then told him to move backwards and intelligence moved backwards. He then told him to come forwards. Intelligence came forwards. Allah, the Sacrosanct, the Most High said, “I have created you a great creature and honored you above all others of my creatures. The Imam (a.s) continued, “Allah then created ignorance from a salty dark ocean and told it, “move backwards and did move backwards. He then called it to come forwards but it did not come forwards. He then said to it, ‘Did you shun coming forwards?” He then pronounced it condemned. He then assigned seventy-five armies for intelligence. When ignorance saw all the honors Allah has granted to intelligence it bore hidden animosity towards intelligence and said, “Lord this creature is just like me. You created and honored it and gave it power. But I have no power against it. Give me also likewise armies. The Lord then said, “I will give you also an army but if you would disobey Me I will then expel you and your army from My mercy. Ignorance then said, ‘I agree.’ Allah gave it seventy-five armies and it was out of the army of intelligence.

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