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Ayatollah Makarem: We must learn from the sermon of Lady Zahra (s)

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, commemorating the martyrdom of Lady Zahra (s) in the Islamic Seminary of Amir al-Momineen (s), spoke about the importance of learning from the sermon of Lady Zahra (s) delivered by the blessed lady regarding Fadak.

He said: “The famous sermon of Fadak by Lady Zahra (s) contains the depths of monotheism (tawheed), spirituality, ethics and politics. We must all pay attention to these discourses and we must apply them to our lives.”

Shedding more light on the content of this sermon, his eminence stated: “Lady Zahra (s) vigorously defended wilayah in this lecture and this defence of wilayah has a huge lesson for all the Shia. Another part of the address speaks about the philosophy of the practical laws of Islam. For example she states that the philosophy of prayers is to further oneself from arrogance.”

Ayatollah Makarem explained how the opposition to the Shia in reality is an opposition to rationality itself. He stated: “There are two very important points in the discourses of the practical laws of Islam presented by Lady Zahra (s). The first point highlights the rationality of Islam and the Shia revolve around this axis. Those who are against us in reality oppose the rationality in our religion by their actions, and in another sense, they oppose the wisdom in our religion.”

His eminence continued: “The second point in the discussion of the philosophy behind the practical laws of Islam is the nature of upbringing through the practical laws.”

“Today, more than any other time, the issue and message of upbringing and culture need to be focussed upon. This is because in no other time has the atmosphere for committing sins been so widely available.”

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi concluded by addressing the issue of modesty in this day and age and underlined the funeral of this noble personality as a lesson for those who profess to be lovers of Lady Zahra (s) today.

He stated: “It was ordered that a casket be built for the body of Lady Zahra (s) for her procession so that the outline of her blessed body could not be seen , however, unfortunately today we see the lack of modesty [within the Muslims] even though this is not within the status of a Muslim or a follower of Lady Zahra (s).”


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