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By Sadiq Al mussawi

3. FATIMEH “peace be up on her”
Her agnomen: Az- Zahra.
Her title: The pure imams’ mother “Ummul- Aemmel- Athaar”, Al- Hassan’s Mother “Ummul- Hassan”, Al- Hossein’s mother “Ummul- Hossein”, the believer’s mother “Ummul- Moemineen”, the virtues own “Ummul- Fadaael”, the worlds women lady “Sayeedatu Nissael- Aalameen”, the best of all the women “Khairun- Nissae”, the primes mother “Ummul- Khiareh”, the vigin “Al-batool”, the pedigreed’s mother “Ummun- Nujabae”, the top’s mother “Ummul- Azhaar”.
Her father’s name: Mohammad “the apostle of God” “bleesing and peace be up on him”
Her mother’s name: Khadeejetul- Kubra “the believer’s mother”.
Her birth day: She was born on Friday the twentieth of jamaduth- thaani month.
Her birth place: Mecca-il Muccarrameh
Her birth year: The fifth year after the prophetic mission.
Her decease day: She died on Thursday, the third of Jamaduth- thaani month.
Her decease year: She died in the eleventh A.H.
Her age: She was eighteen years old.
Her decease reason: Because of her suffering from the ordeals and the woes after her father’s death.
Her cemetery: She is buried in Medineh Munawareh (Baqie)
Her sons’ number: She had four sons, they were (2) two males and two females.
The males are:

    1. Al- Hassan


    1. Al- Hussein


The females are:

    1. Zaineb-ul Kubra


    1. Zaineb-us Sughra “Ummu Kulthoom” and an other one male who is aborted “Muhsin”


Her finger ring’s writing: My hifallibility is Allah.
“Allahu Wallee Ismati”

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