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Finding the Truth

Finding the Truth

Mohammed Habib Sow

Birth and upbringing:

Brother Mohammed Habib Sow was born in a village called Gambia which is linked to the province of Labey, in the year 1968, in the country of Ghania. He was raised and brought up practicing the Wahabi school of thought.
The Beginning:

Brother Mohammed gained his primary teachings from his father who was an educated and respected individual. Mohammed’s father strived in every possible way to educate his son in the best of knowledge, for this reason, Mohammed’s father decided to send Mohammed to the capital city Kownakreey to continue his studies and also to learn both languages Arabic and French. Brother Mohammed kept going back and forth between both neighbouring places to increase his knowledge. During the school holidays Mohammed would return back to his Mohammed land and spread what he had learned to the inhabitants of the area.

The Wahabi school of thought:

No one can disregard the atrocious lies made by the Wahabi’s to spread their devilish demands, which many Muslims have accepted. The reason for this is because Muslims view things through only one eye, i.e. if one hears a piece of news or reads an article he will stop and contemplate and even believe what they had previously read/listened to.

For this reason, the Wahabi’s distribute ‘cheques’ of disbelief amongst other Muslims in every manner possible, and at the same time they leave the enemies of Islam to carry on with their own worldly affairs!!! this very point was noted by brother Mohammed Habib Sow in detail, he further says “ the preacher of Tawheed (ones of Allah)  headed by the Wahabi’s what they say is what people believe, before I converted to Shiaism there was a major Wahabi population in the area I was residing in and also in the capital city, however as well as this I still had my doubts about what the preacher was saying, so I decided to travel to Saudi Arabia to see what this school of though is really about, I spent many months there learning about those deviated people.

I spent three months of which in prison! Those Wahabi’s are more animalistic than the worst of animals!
This is just one live event which an individual was able to engage in.

Point of conversion:

Brother Mohammed witnessed the atrocious attitude and monstrous behaviour of the Wahabi’s, he also read their books and listened to their talks and understood their words. So he contemplated what the Wahabi’s were saying and what the household of the Prophet (PBUH) preached .He also read many books written of the household of the Prophet (PBUH) including authors such as al-Amili, al-Insani, al-Jihadi…… he witnessed the striking difference between the two schools of thought.

Brother Mohammed once said “ the Wahabi’s imprisoned me for three months, I was going back and fro between basements and they made me really tired and after I left the prison I also left Saudi Arabia to Ghania and there I quickly converted to Shiaism in-front of many observers, I then asked for water and performed ablution in-front of Wahabi’s  and wiped my foot, they were extremely distressed at what they were observing!!.

All thanks is due to Allah for helping me to the straight path.

Points which made him convert:

The points which made brother Mohammed convert to the path of Ahlul-Bayt were many, and were as follows:

1. Reading, observing and analysing what was present in the references of Shia school of thought.

2. Understanding the truth about Wahabi’s and their monstrous behaviour

His Role:

Brother Mohammed takes part in many activities of spreading the word of Ahlulbayt in Ghania in addition to being in charge of his Hawza studies. As well as managing on of the religious schools where most of its students are of Sri Leon nationality. In addition to this he writes reports in magazines which are published monthly/annually.  There have been reports also which suggest he is thinking of building a Mosque, where all Islamic rituals will be practiced throughout the Islamic months.

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