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Mus’haf Attributed to Imam Ali (AS) Unveiled in Najaf

According to the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Ali’s (AS) holy shrine, the exhibition was opened on the second day of Ghadir annual festival, which began on August 25.

Imran ibn Shahin Mosque in the northern side of the holy shrine is hosting the exhibition, which showcases some rare and precious manuscripts including a Mus’haf attributed to Imam Ali (AS) written in 40 A.H.

The custodian of the holy shrine said a small part of the rich treasury of the Astan has been put on display at the expo.

Faiq Abdul Hussein Al-Shemri, a member of the Astan’s official council and head of its media section said that the exhibition is unique in its kind due to the very old and rare works displayed for the first time.

He added that one of the projects of the Astan is the new museum which will be opened in the near future at Hazrat Zahra (SA) hall.

Faris Hussein Kareem, head of the precious works section of the Astan said that a collection of carpets, arms, 100 to 250 year-old armors and historical works dating back to 1000 years ago are kept at the museum.

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