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The General Pattern; of Islamic Thought in the Qur’an


The Relations of Islamic Community

After the establishment of the great ‘community’, the integrated group which is the origin of the Islamic Nation, expands to the extent of all the true believers of the world. In such a community the principle of ‘walayah’ influences its civil and foreign affairs.

In civil affairs, all the units and wings of the nation are obliged to carefully prepare all the forces in one way and for one aim and strongly avoid dispersion and disorder which cause the futility of some parts of these forces ‘

In foreign affairs, they should abstain from any relationship and friendship which endangers independence and authority of the world of Islam.

It is quite obvious that taking care of the two aspects of , walayah'(integrity and co-ordination in internal affairs, freedom and non-alliance in foreign affairs) requires a central and superior power which is, in fact, the crystallization of all the constructive elements of Islam (Imam”-the Islamic governor). I also requires a deep and strong relationship between all the members of the Islamic community and the Islamic governor (Imam). Here another aspect of walayah’ is manifested and that is the Imam’s walayah and the leadership of the Islamic world.

In the following verses the Our’an has skillfully mentioned these subtle facts.

“O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Whoso of you makes them his friends is one of them. God guides not the people of the evil-doer. Yet thou seest those in whose hearts is sickness vying with one another to come to them, saying, ‘We fear lest a turn of fortune should smite us.’ But it may be that God will bring the victory, or some commandment from Him, and then they will find themselves, for that they kept secret within them, remorseful, and the believers will say, ‘What, are these the ones who swore by God most earnest oaths that they were with you? Their works have failed; now they are losers. ‘0 believers, whosoever of you turns from his religion, God will assuredly bring a people He loves, and who Love Him, humble towards the believers, disdainful towards the unbelievers, men who struggle in the path of God, not fearing the reproach of any reproacher. That is God’s bounty; He bestows His favors upon whomever He wills And God is All-embracing, Allknowing. Only your friend is God, and His Messenger. And the believers who perform the prayer and pay the poor-due (zakat), while bowing down (in prayer). 5:51-55

O believers, fear God as He should be feared, and do not die unless you are Muslims. And you hold fast to God’s bond, together, and do not scatter… ” (3:102-103)

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