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The General Pattern; of Islamic Thought in the Qur’an


About Walayah (1)

The principle of walayah, discussed in the Qur’an comprehensively, can be considered from many points of view. Sometimes each of them can be regarded as a principle in itself in understanding Islam. If one thinks attentively about the following verses, some of these points of view can be observed.

1. The wali of the Islamic society, that is the power which leads all the mental and practical activities of the society, is God or whomever God has assigned-either in -name or by signs-for walayah.

“Your guardian wali is only God, and His Messenger, and the believers who perform the prayer and pay the Zakat while bowing down, ” (5:-5-5)

“God commands you to deliver trusts back to their owners; and when you judge between the people, that you judge with justice. Good is the admonition God gives you; God is All-hearing, All- seeing. 0 believers, obey God, and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. If you have a dispute on anything, refer it to God and the Messenger, if you believe in God and the Last Day; that is better. and fairer in the issue. (4:58-59)

“Whosoever obeys the Messenger, thereby obeys God; and whosoever turns his back-We have not sent thee to be a watcher over them. “(4:80)

“Hast thou not regarded those who assert that they believe in what has been sent down to thee, and what was sent down before thee, desiring to take their disputes to idols, yet they have been commanded to disbelieve in them? But Satan desires to lead them astray into far error. “(4:60)

2. God’s walayah and its acceptance by the believers has a mental foundation which has been taken into consideration in the Islamic world view and is a natural phenomenon.

“And to Him belongs whatsoever inhabits the night and the day; and He is the Allhearing, the All-knowing, Say: ‘Shall 1 take to myself as guardian other than God, the Originator of the heavens and of the earth, He Who feeds and is not fed’?’ say: ‘l have been commanded to be the first of them that surrender: “Be not thou of the idolaters…… (6:13-14)’

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