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The General Pattern; of Islamic Thought in the Qur’an

The General Pattern
The General Pattern; of Islamic Thought in the Qur’an
(Some Chapters from the book)

The new thought and vision which is proposed by God through the Prophet promises a new life. This can be achieved only if that thought can establish its identity in the mind and action of an integrated community.

For such a community, which forms a solid and impenetrable front strongly tries not to efface when confronting the opposite thoughts and actions. This purpose requires the rejection of any dependence-if necessary or possible even breaking off the ties of ordinary relationship-which enfeebles the front of the believers. In the language of the Our’an this intellectual and practical stand, from the point of view of thought and action is called ‘walayah’.

Again when this integrated group, which is the cornerstone of Islamic society and the principal basis of Islamic community, changes to a strong nation and establishes an Islamic society, it needs to observe the principle of ‘walayah’ in order to preserve its unity and integrity and avoid the penetration of its enemies.

The Our’an points out these ideas in several verses as follows:

“0 believers, take not My enemy and your enemy for friends, offering them love, though they have disbelieved in the truth that has come to you, expelling the Messenger and you because you believe in God your Lord. If you go forth to struggle in My way and seek My good pleasure, secretly loving them, yet I know very well what you conceal and what you publish; and whosoever of you does that, has gone astray from the right way. If they come on you, they will he enemies to you, and stretch against you their hands and their tongues, to do you evil, and they wish that you might disbelieve. Neither your bloodkindred nor your children shall profit you upon the Day of Resurrection; He shall distinguish between you. And God sees the things you do. You have had a good example in Abraham, and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘We are quit of you and that you worship, apart from God. We disbelieve in you, and between us and you enmity has shown itself, and hatred for ever, until you believe in God alone. ‘(60:1- 4 )

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