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Tunisia to reopen Mosques on Monday

Tunisia to reopen Mosques on Monday

Tunisia to Reopen Mosques on Monday

Mosques in Tunisia to reopen upcoming Monday with protective measures during the pandemic.

Hawzah News Agency – (Tunis – Tunisia) -The Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs, Ahmed Adhoum, announced during a press conference that mosques will reopen starting Monday, November 23.

He further called for full compliance with protective measures to stem the spread of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of five religious officials, while 105 contracted the virus, the minister said.

Tunisia has more than 81,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with above 56,000 recoveries and 2,445 deaths. A total of 1,542 were admitted to hospitals, of which 272 in ICU and 138 patients on ventilators.

In the same context, Health Minister Fawzi al-Mahdi said that the authorities will lend an ear to the concerns of several social and economic sectors including restaurants, cafes, and mosques.

The health minister noted that a full lift of the extraordinary health restrictions is unlikely in the meantime.

The scientific committee to combat the coronavirus revealed that restrictions could be eased in case of achieving slight progress. The committee will carry out an assessment after two weeks and will take the necessary decisions based on the outcome.

Dr. Zakir Laheeb stated that Tunisia has witnessed progress in its fight against the pandemic, lauding the prompt measures taken by the Tunisian authorities. Tunisia saved the lives of at least 3,000, according to Laheeb.

The country was recording 50-60 deaths on a daily basis in Oct. but this caseload dropped to half, he added.

Tunisia introduced new COVID-19 restrictions in a bid to slow the rate of new cases from Oct. 29 until Mid-Nov. It extended these measures for three more weeks.

shut from 4:00 pm, and gatherings of more than four people are banned in public spaces, excluding on public transport.




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