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Al-Azhar Chief Criticizes Promotion of An ‘Abrahamic Religion’

The head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, criticized attempts to promote the term “Abrahamic religion” with the aim of integrating Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb


Speaking at a conference at Al-Azhar on Monday, he described such attempts as an illusion and a confiscation of freedom of conscience, Raialyoum.com website reported.

He likened the assertion to those such as globalization, the end of history and so on.

Although invitation to unity of human society is purportedly aimed at removing the causes of discord, it is actually a confiscation of humanity’s most valuable asset, namely freedom of belief and conscience and freedom of choice, el-Tayeb added.

All of these freedoms have been guaranteed and emphasized in monotheistic religions, he stated.

The cleric also said that he believes consensus of people on one religion is not possible due to the differences in beliefs, intellect, languages and other features.

The term “Abrahamic religion” has been promoted recently with the apparent aim of uniting Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It has been heard mostly since certain Arab countries normalized ties with the Zionist regime of Israel.


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