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I’m a British Muslim, and I don’t need to sing and dance to show I’m happy

Written by Haseeb Rizvi

I woke up this morning to find all my social media news-feeds plastered with a YouTube video entitled Happy British Muslims. In short, its a video of a diverse range of British Muslims miming and dancing to a song by artist Pharell’s song ‘Happy’.

The objective of the video, according to its creators is as follows:

“We Brits have a bad rep for being a bit stiff, but this video proves otherwise. We are HAPPY. We are eclectic. We are cosmopolitan. Diverse. Creative. Fun. Outgoing. And everything you can think of.

This video is to show the world despite the negative press, stereotypes and discrimination we are burdened with we should respond with smiles and joy, not anger.”

Naturally, this was going to cause controversy, especially within the more conservative chambers of the British Muslim community but even the ‘moderate’ Muslims, which is what i would categorise myself as if I had to, have found themselves slightly confused and challenged. Most people will be offended at the use of music and the dancing, as Islam according to most interpretations, forbids both.

What is now bound to happen, is a creation of friction within the British Muslim community over the next few days, in the public arena, as the ultra conservatives take on the ultra liberalists. It wont be a surprise if a few fatwas and death threats are issued too. This will go against the message and purpose of the video, in which case I think it would be fair to argue the people responsible for this video are extremely naive for kicking the hornet’s nest, despite their good intention.

My issue with the video is not the overall message, not even the music and I’m still debating with myself in my head about the dancing… My issue here is about what this video/stunt actually means. Do British Muslims need to make a video of themselves singing and dancing, to show non-Muslims people they are happy, and by extension normal and ‘just like everyone else’?

I feel it is a great sign of weakness if anything, especially if we have to bend Islamic laws on music and dancing in order for the mainstream populace to accept British Muslims as being normal. Rather, than pandering to pop culture’s superficial understanding of what happiness is, we as Muslims should use our positive energy on spreading real happiness which actually lies within us, inner peace if you will.

The argument likely to be thrown back to this standpoint is ‘stop being so negative’ and ‘cheer up’ – believe me, I enjoy nothing more than spreading positive messages and joy but as with anything, there are boundaries that should be respected, sensitivities that should be kept in mind, and more importantly people should consider the possible negative repercussions of whatever they decide to do whilst spreading positivity.

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  1. Quite frankly most of us are sick of looking at miserable Muslim mug shots as in this article. Are you advocate we live up to your miserable version of Islam.

  2. What a bunch of cloaked-up, red herring rubbish.

    You explicitly state you do not have an issue with the “music…and dancing”, rather your issue is with British Muslims portrayed here as trying to appease the mainstream through conformity.

    Even if we were to concede the second point to you – that the British Muslims in the video are indeed appeasing the crowd – that IS NOT the main point of your article as you claim it to be. The concluding remarks of your article is “boundaries should be respected, sensitivities should be kept in mind”, which makes it abundantly clear that the bone you want to pick IS with the “music…and dancing”.

    Islam in Britain has been under the monopoly of first-generation Imams and families who came here in the 70s from rural Pakistan, and elsewhere, with no exposure to any sort of credible education. You sir, are a relic of this past.

    I think it is about time you realise that most Muslims hail from very cosmopolitan backgrounds and it is ridiculous of you to talk about objective ‘sensitivities’, sensitivities which no longer, if they ever did, exist.

  3. I can’t believe what I just read. It’s not weakness by showcasing Muslims as ‘normal’. The majority of people in this country coexist peacefully with all different religions and races. Now those minority that watch this video – will they analyse it so deeply as see it as a sign of weakness? No. Because such a video is promoting that coexistence. In a society where British Muslims are portrayed as serious all the time, this has just shown that we do have our fun side as this is quite a unique thing to do. Who are the ideas behind it? Muslims.

    As the comment above me says, you are a relic of the past. It’s not bending rules. Certainly Islam forbids music and dancing, but are you examining what type? Are you examining our society? Of course this video is pointless in a majority-Muslim country, but in this society, there are more options to promote ourselves. The people in this video are not dancing in a carefree manner – it’s all with a message. And they’re not going along with a song full of evil – this ‘Happy’ PROMOTES HAPPINESS!

    Why are you missing all of this? I have seen your statuses on Facebook and posts elsewhere on social media – it all seems like fake intelligence on your behalf. Get out of this shell of being a backward thinker and look forward that Islam is not a religion for the centuries before us, rather it is ‘a way of life’ and timeless.

  4. This is my opinion on this matter, I always look at the intentions of a person before anything, after all the bad-mouthing British Muslims are getting and stuff like the scheduel 7 acts being promugalated in the UK, was it really so bad that a few Muslims wanted to show the nation that Muslims are actually happy people, who live happy lives, and we are not a bunch of terrorists. If anything, I think this was a perfect way of sending a positive message to the people in the Uk and the rest of the world that Muslims are actually peaceful people, we all know that social media in the 21st century is the best way to spread a message quickly. Like the above comments, they were not drinking, not smoking, no swearing is involved, just harmful singing and dancing, and even if you argue that they shouldn’t have to prove to other people that we are good, peaceful people, I think it’s only right to show people that we are also human beings, so that we can also be treated with utmost respect, and videos like this are good initiatives to promote that.

  5. Congratulations. They’ve got you dancing to their tune. Now what do you suggest 5million french Muslims do to appease the French?

  6. Isa Abdus-Salaam

    Do we “Muslims need to make a video of themselves singing and dancing, to show non-Muslims people they are happy…”

    No we do not. But why not?

    I encourage people to reach out to each other and to others by whatever means, and I can not imagine how you can feel this video does anything to be negative to Islam and Muslims. I applaud these Muslims and like the video. Considering most media seem to pick the angriest and most offensive Muslim they can find, why do we object to the ‘Happy’ones??

    Do you also write articles condemning the Muslims perpetuate all of the negative images and stereotypes we routinely see in the media? I think our time would be far better used in that regard then in discouraging ‘Happy Muslims’.

  7. Well said. We can certainly disagree with the content of this video while still being HAPPY MUSLIMS 😀

    I think it’s nasty to call someone an extremist for not being an ultra liberal and conformist.

  8. You sir are a stuck up old knob pretending to be hip but reading between the lines, clearly you are a relic of the past ( no actually the past was a much better time when the muslims themselves were much more chilled out than many of them are today) ! Isn’t it time radical fundamentalism which is leaving a global sulphuric odour got tackled and eradicated and isn’t it time muslims themselves decided to become a part of the global family?

  9. I am absolutely appalled at this video. Islam is the only thing that can stand against the global culture and they’ve just weakened it for everyone. When my non-muslim friends ask me to go anywhere unislamic I explain the bits and pieces to do with dancing and singing/music in Islam as to why I won’t go, now people will be getting mixed signals. It’s not fair to the rest of us. Leave them do what they want in secret but don’t let it affect the rest of the ummah. How bout letting the rest of the world see that muslims can have the craic without buckling to western ideologies of what makes one happy. Maybe there would be more understanding in that, rather than the whole ‘we’re exactly like you’ ploy. Why do we need to show we’re happy? They don’t need to show us that they’re happy. Why do we want to be accepted by the rest of the world so much? We will always be different and I’m happy about that.

    On a side note, What is the symbol of a hijabi coming to?

  10. Asalaamu Alaikum,
    Sis, I dont think he wants us to be miserable. I agree with the brother, we dont have to show people we’re happy. Especially if the people we are trying to show it to will continue to think bad of us. Believe me, I’m the average muslimmah who likes to have fun and socialise. Im not perfect. However, I was shocked and saddened to see this video. It shows Muslims just bending to what this society wants. We are trying to please the creation rather than the creator. That is what i have a problem with. The sooner we all revert back to the Qur’an and Sunnah and use those as our guides to live as peacefully and as Islamically correct as possible, the better. Peace.

  11. The video did anything but make me feel happy, in fact it made me feel sad. Most Muslims want to identify with the Kufar rather than the Muslims, it shows in behaviour and attire. I think they have forgot one important message that Rasul, peace be upon him, gave ‘Islam came as something strange and will once again be strange; give my salams to the strangers’. We are not supposed to be “normal”. Most of the Muslims in that video are imitating those that Allah tells us are destined for the hellfire, in their actions and in their dress or lack of. Every day I see more and more Muslim women imitating the non Muslim women in their dress. Hijab is fard, hijab is to cover all of the body not just the head, hijab is to be identified as a believer of Allah, but what does it say when sisters are wearing half a hijab or no hijab? They are confused about their identity. Very sad indeed. We are suppose to use our intellect but it seems that most of us are using our emotions instead.

  12. An interesting point is that the lyrics say ‘Happiness is the truth’ and Muslims are basically agreeing to that. Happiness is not the truth, Islam is the truth. We gain happiness or contentment by following Islam not by singing and dancing. If happiness is the truth at what lengths are we to go to attain it?

  13. I find it crazy how quick muslims are to jump down each others throats and attack each other. Aren’t we supposed to make like 70 excuses for each other. Many muslims nowadays are reverts still learning the faith – particularly in western society. As a revert myself – I still enjoy listening to music though not as often as maybe a few years ago. Certain instruments are what I understand are considered haram but music itself is debatable(nasheeds are music – the drums are not haram). Islam is not meant to be oppressive. And all the haram police do is drive otherwise very good people on their way to be excellent muslims away. Alot of these muslim find themselves surrounded by people maybe even family members and friends who don’t know what to think of them anymore – and maybe these muslims just want to say – “Hey! I’m still me and I’m happy” The video didn’t make me feel anything except apprehension from all the hate that would follow it. You want to be a better muslim, how about you read the Quran more and stop putting yourselves into sects and realize that we are ONE UMMAH. We are muslims. period. We are human and we are flawed and some of us like to dance and sing. And to the muslims who didn’t know true happiness until they became muslim know that Islam is happiness. You all need to calm down and remember there is only one Judge. All we can do is remind each other – and that is supposed to be in the best way possible. NO ONE is going to listen to nasty rhetoric and judgement. If you are really concerned, I suggest you make additional du’a for the guidance of the individuals whom you think are in need of additional guidance aka “the bad dancing muslims”. Pick your battles people there are alot more pressing issues in our Ummah than a few silly people dancing and trying to relate to a society that seems intent on painting us all as angry cave dwellers.

  14. Well, the author of article has right. Look at ladies wearing scarf and extremely tide jeans; dancing and singing… Is that “better” side Islam? Nope, I personally find it very inappropriate and ugly …


  15. They are not trying to please the creation rather than the created. If anything they are trying too show that Islam is not a bad religion that forbids harmless fun, if anything that is pleasing the Creator as it would more likely give a positive view of Islam, Muslims and ultimately Allah.

  16. Asalamu alikoum,

    Please stop arguing on all and nothing,they are joyfull and spreading joy… that’s all!

  17. Haha, Layla you made my day!!! 😀

  18. I don’t think it’s just because they’re ‘singing’ and dancing but rather that they did it publicly and are affecting the rest of the ummah. What they do in their private lives is between them and Allah but once they drag the rest of us in with them that’s when it becomes a problem.

  19. Dear God! Must everything a Muslim does be dissected, discussed, debated,and in general questioned? Can’t we just leave things be- personally I was skeptical about the title but when I watched it the video made me smile.

  20. It’s humans having fun, its allowed, stop trying to pigeon hole us all, big wow some singing and dancing, big deal. The video is nice and brought a smile to my face, we are muslims not robots….chill man

  21. I like the song and love this video. Great to see people having fun. I have loved all the versions that have popped up on the net. In a world full of sadness its great to see people taking the time to have a bit of fun and sharing it 🙂 I felt happy after watching the video!

  22. Get a life! I am sick of religious Muslims defining every single thing in terms of religion. There is so much joy in all aspects of life. For God sake let people enjoy life to its fullest. Art, music, dance, literature make us human and allow us to express ourselves in ways that make sense of the world. Narrow minded religion keeps insisting on knowing the one true path and killing large parts of rich and noble human experiences. I am tired of the sanctimoniousness of conservative Muslims. Live the way you want to but stop dictating to others how they should live or feel.

  23. لله درك

  24. “possible negative repercussions of whatever they decide to do whilst spreading positivity”..WHAT! lol Haseeb, that was just preposterous. The only negativity I’ve seen is from what you’ve just written. Get out of your comfort zone mate. Do you really think that all Muslims are, or should be, homogeneous? By your logic, qawali, and the fact that hazrat Dawood (asws) playing the harp are to be condemned? I see that music video as an attempt to demystify the mainstream bias against Muslims. Please Haseeb, just get off your high horse.

  25. I love the subliminal threats of fatwas. Shame on your moderate wing

  26. Sheesh! Who cares it’s a video of people dancing and genuinely having a good time. Muslim or not, I just like the positive vibe and overall message of people smiling and being positive. Seriously, maybe don’t take things so seriously!

  27. I’m glad that I found that article, in the end it’s all about finding the balance. what I felt about the video is: خاطبوا الناس على قدر عقولهم
    and to be honest that’s what people likes.

  28. It really made my day to watch the video. I did not see it as a message to non Muslims neither was it relevant in that sense. I thought that one of the greatest acts of worships happiness that you give to the heart of a Muslim and I can say that this worked with me

  29. All of their bodies WERE covered stupid. They weren’t confused, you are. No where in the Quran does it say that Muslims must be miserable. God gave you inteligence, so use it. Music influences your emotions. if it makes you sad, angry or negative in any other way then don’t listen to it. If it makes you happy then do.

  30. I dance and sing all the time. It shows I’m happy and more people ask me about Islam because of it. In fact I’ve probably influenced lots of people to become Muslims. Am I going to hell?

  31. I am a Muslim, and the only message I got from the video was NOT in anyway that we would like other religions to like Islam but showing them that we accept their values. The message was one that let’s the world see that a lot of Muslims are ones who are modern, open, and approve and enjoy dancing and music and a lot of other ways of self expression that is shared other religions and groups and human beings. It shows that not every muslim agrees with what you, the author of this article, approves of to be Islam. If anything it does, is that it sheds light on the majority of Muslims that are open, happy, and sociable, like any one else, and you, the author, are not the only version of Islam that dominates the western society. And for that, this video is a great way of telling the world a story that is not typically told by the media. I am sorry, but you, the author, have to accept that Islam is not restricted to your version and interpretation and values, others live it in other ways, and the world needs to know that.
    I am happy!!!:)

  32. Would have been better if the main picture in the article was smiling… just saying.

  33. Agreed! Me thinks this lad needs to re-define his notions of “weakness” …

  34. //Rather, than pandering to pop culture’s superficial understanding of what happiness is…//

    This line of yours is particularly what boggles my mind. The video is not “pandering” to “pop culture.” A reminder to you in case you’ve denounced all cultural affiliation and live in a one dimensional world- music is a large part of culture… ALL cultures in fact. I’ve yet to stumble upon a culture that does not use music in times of celebration and joy. No, these beautiful people in the video are not spreading a “superficial understanding of what happiness is.” RATHER, they are using their identities as British-Muslims and expressing their happiness via a very popular song in their respective British-Muslim community (let me repeat the BRITISH part in case you’ve missed it because they are indeed embracing their BRITISH identities alongside their ethnic and Muslim identities as well).

    I wonder if you’d have written your piece if the song were in a language more tantalizing to your ear drums… say in Arabic? Or if it were just the Muslim men expressing their happiness?

    Your title is misleading btw, you look anything but happy in your picture. Try smiling, apparently its Sunnah.

  35. I’m guessing that the people in this video didn’t think of themselves as ‘bending Islamic laws’ on music and dancing in order to star in it. What you’re doing is calling them bad muslims. And that is exclusionary and ignorant and offensive.

  36. what a bunch of faggots you all are, why the [email protected]#$ you want to be quite and unwilling to show your emotions? you all are bunch of miserly conceded self centered losers,You are scared someone might ask for something from you? Keep you head up your asses, but pleas wash your feet and wear clean socks for Jumma. Ps Don’t block my car and leave your lousy stinky shoes on the rack.

  37. Music and Dance against Islam;
    Let’s see a list of all the arabic Music channels
    Arabic Studios?
    Now let’s see the arabic adapted programs
    -Arab’s got talent
    -The Voice
    Now you are telling me, that the vast majority of “Islamic” Media freed themselves from “debating” over Music and Dance and have gotten passed that point, but the Muslim people living in England or such Did not? Obviously they did, it originated from us anyways. They simply carried on, dozens of countries did their own versions of “happy” and now it’s suddenly a BIG THING when we participate in such actions? This isn’t called bending to join society. This is called living, taking in part of the things that are happening next to you. Do you know how much value arabs praise in the music of their 70s and you’re here in the 2010s blasting that it’s forbidden? You’re one hungry for heaven guy aren’t you, notice how with all respect to the countries Pakistan is always taking in and putting action on all the arabs even in the middle east which doesn’t agree for jack shit?

  38. Lol why are you commenting in the guise of different usernames? Not to mention the nonsensical pretentious statements.

  39. But music is prohibited no matter how one feels about it..

  40. lighten up guys! It’s all in good fun. Why so serious!? Relax, Islam is strong and it’ll be around till the end of time.. no worries!

  41. No such thing as “religious Muslims”. You either are a Muslim or you are not. This is the problem with people who make this argument, you assume that a Muslim can be used for anyone that proclaims to be one. Muslim is not interchangeable for a culture or a race. I am not saying the people in the video aren’t- no where close to that God forbid. But what I am referring to is the fact that this argument is getting old. There is nothing wrong with enjoying “life to its fullest” and apparently for you that includes art, music, dance and literature. However, there is a line there just like everything else in Islam. If you can’t respect that line, then you can’t call yourself a Muslim. Because the very word Muslim means the one who submits. You can’t be a non-submitting submitter.

  42. There is a big difference between Arabs and the internet. Your argument makes no sense what so ever.

  43. You sound pretty angry already. Perhaps try another route?

  44. “Islam in Britain has been under the monopoly of first-generation Imams and families who came here in the 70s from rural Pakistan, and elsewhere, with no exposure to any sort of credible education.”

    So just because these imams and families might be against a video like this, they are not educated?

  45. Care to explain why?

  46. هُوَ الَّذِي أَرْسَلَ رَسُوله بِالْهُدَى وَدِين الْحَقّ لِيُظْهِرهُ عَلَى الدِّين كُلّه وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْمُشْرِكُونَ

    “It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although the disbelievers are averse of it (the truth)”.

    Since when was Music halal? Since when was seeking the world and making Islam a “fun” religion ever accepted. Indeed, Islam is a social religion but not one where you consider the shariah law to be inferior to what “YOU BELIEVE” is correct.

    The shariah is a set-stage to elevate a person in order to get closer to Allah (Swt) not their own nafs. Yet, we find it troubling to even accept its laws in its holistic form – pick and choose what is serving our desires.

    This is a religion of peoples minds and not one that the Prophet (saws). The world can turn on its head, who cares if the “disbelievers hate it” (as the Quran states).

    There is a quote that says that the worshipers of the sun and the moon will turn to Islam before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (ajtfs), and Muslims will turn away. This is just an example of this hadith happening right before our eyes.

  47. the way i see it, the biggest problem with our community as muslims is the idea that we think our actions are always dictating a point, Assuming dancing/singing is a sin, why would we deal with a bunch of sinning muslims, in this context, by acting like they’re trying to put a meaning or target a point. and people want to rush and stop them saying, this point is invalid music is haram and you don’t need to dance to show that youre happy muslims to the non muslims. the most dangerous assumption that paki guy made was that he thinks the video was made to prove a point that muslims are happy to non muslims. the video was made to make people happy, all these happy video trends are made to spread the same vibe from different communities, but when muslims do it we (muslims) think it is made to prove some type of agenda

  48. percussion instruments were Halal and used in religious songs and hymns, and a lot of shieks agreed that “string instruments” like piano and guitar were haram, All I hear here are people singing and Computer Generated tones, how is this in any way different from any of the religious songs?

  49. How could such a sweet harmless uplifting video cause so much “SHOULDING”? Looks like they are having fun and the criticizers aren’t. I loved it.

  50. Chop some heads off? Scarved heads of course, to appease both parties :))

  51. Oh for heaven’s sake. Lighten up brother!

  52. Would you mind explaining for this non-Muslim why you think your religion is the “only thing that can stand against the global culture”? It certainly is NOT the “only thing,” dear girl: you should get out from under that headscarf more and open your mind, loosen up—if this is what your religion is teaching you then it’s WAY wrong…there are so many people, groups, spiritual paths, individuals, and religions in the world that can deflect the social culture the predominates at present. Not only Muslims. Why do you so easily create segregation, rather than embracing all those who are following the same principles as you, in different external ways???

  53. We all have our own perception of what beauty is. Being happy and smiling in any book is beautiful 🙂

  54. Sarah, you are weird and you should live at the deserted island somewhere with no other humans around! How can you even ask such a question of being accepted??? WE ARE part of the World we all live in, TOGETHER and we all have to accept one another and be accepted!

  55. Muslims must also remember that when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him reached the Holy City of Madina from the Holy City of Mecca with his best friend Abu Bakr; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him, the Muslims played music and sang the famous Islamic song “Talaa El-Badru Alayna” which means “The full moon had come upon us.”

    The music that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him prohibited was the one that the infidels used to play which involved sexual activities.

  56. Thank you 🙂

  57. This video is to showcase the normality of a religion that has been for ever portraid as stiff, satanic and backwards. None of us are perfect and we will never progress as a united umah if all we ever do is argue who the better Muslim is. We a religion of peace not of continued fighting, our prophet (p.b.u.h) was about moving forward, about tolerance and forgiveness. Who are we to judge, we can give our 2 cents of what we think is right, but enforcing what you think is right… is not right… we all will be judged one day, have patience because it wont be long.

  58. Oh for crying our loud for goodness sake Lighten Up!!! Jheeze

    but even the ‘moderate’ Muslims, which is what i would categorise myself as if I had to, have found themselves slightly confused and challenged … grow up.

    ‘Most people will be offended at the use of music and the dancing, as Islam according to most interpretations, forbids both’
    … yeh and funnily enough pictures also, hmmm.

    What is now bound to happen, is a creation of friction within the British Muslim community.
    ….To be fair even EID day causes controversy … are you surprised?

    It wont be a surprise if a few fatwas and death threats are issued too
    … slow down dude Muslims aren’t that uptight.

    the people responsible for this video are extremely naive for kicking the hornet’s nest.
    …. I think it’s fair to say the hornets nest was well and truly kicked some time ago by the hornet themselves.

    My issue with the video is not the overall bla bla bla My issue here bla bla bla.
    …. sounds like you have quite a few issues. You may want to get that checked out.

    Do British Muslims need to make a video of themselves singing and dancing, to show non-Muslims people they are happy….
    …i’d go beyond this and say this video shows Muslims we needn’t be miserable overthinkers with lots of issues about issues. It made me smile, and I certainly felt like it was needed to show Muslims that despite your current state we are united by Allah and we are content with His decree and we should strive to show gratitude in every moment for this momentous gift of realisation. That even a wretched person with faith and hope can be saved. The only way to move forward is to reserve judgement on other Muslims, work on ourselves and lift them out of what you see as sin through action not opinion. To provide a stable community in which women feel comfortable wearing the hijab or understand it enough to wear it. To feel content enough with the words of Allah to have to listen to Music and so on…

    I feel it is a great sign of weakness…
    Yeh and the very fact that you feel to openlu condemn your brothers and sisters to hell isn’t.

    Rather, than pandering to pop culture’s superficial understanding of what happiness is bla bla…
    It truly shows your state if you cannot watch the video and understand that it is not an acceptance of the western understanding of happiness but rather the fact that we are happy in submission to our Lord – despite our differences and our opinions and our continual nagging on blogs – we are contented and grateful that Allah has made us amongst the believers.

    The argument likely to be thrown back to this standpoint is ‘stop being so negative’ and ‘cheer up’

    I enjoy nothing more than spreading positive messages…
    …..funny that first time I ever hear of you – you’re playing google scholar.

    as with anything, there are boundaries that should be respected…
    …self righteoues much – and perhaps a little hypocritical considering you just messed all over their boundaries in your depressingly judgemental blog.

    people should consider the possible negative repercussions…
    Everything has negative repurcussions including your blog…

  59. Here’s a counter argument by Miqdaad Versi: http://www.abiggersociety.net/community/live-let-live

  60. Mr Haseeb Rizvi you need to smile a little more you seem bitter, repressed and unhappy do you want all of us to be like you UNHAPPY? I don’t think so! even if I’m not Muslim I understand that sometimes you just want to show the world in which we all have a stake how happy something makes you by singing and dancing. I hope you are not married because i will feel sadness for you wife because if she is a happy person you will try to repress her happines her joy of life.

  61. I do like your point of view the most…

    why things have to be that hard, after reading the article and watching the video , only one thing came to my mind WHY ?

    Why he made a big deal out of nothing!!

  62. Come on! they just do wht they want to do!, to show their creativity and happiness together. whtever ur religion are, u deserve to be happy n u r allow to show it to the world! find ur own happiness!!, it is better than making a negative comment bout happy people. 🙂

  63. INDEED!! totaly agree, i do believe that perhaps he is lack of happiness inside him. not judging, m juz assuming!

  64. Maybe what is people do in this video is the contradiction of what they believe/wear ?

    There is 100000 way to show happines and for sure is not by singing/dancing in the street.

  65. Love it Amir, very true, everyone needs to chill. There is no one more forgiving than the almighty and he has the right to judge. We just need to spread the love down here. Angels sing and dance in heaven why cant we down here and rejoice in this amazing world that has been created for us!!!! Peace out!

  66. I do believe that there is many way to show happiness and this is the worst way that those people used.

  67. The author might not have a problem with the “music and dancing” generally but I think he does have a problem with the way the women are flaunting themselves in public!

    Look now I might not be able to give any backup evidence from the traditional and classical scripts of Islam but that does not mean I can’t speak out on subjects and issues relating to Islam! Im a born Muslim and that makes a spokes person for Islam!

  68. S Khan for Imam!

  69. S Khan for President sorry I mean Imam!

  70. the point ..don’t prouve to other ( who see that you are full of violence and bloody ).. don’t prouve to them that you are happy and cute by dancing and singing they will never chage theire ideas about you so why try !!!..muslims are happy by faithfull not by dance and sing like stupide actors

  71. I for one am OK with this video. The narrative in the west insists on painting ‘Muslims’ as the ‘other’ and initiatives like this bring to light the diversity within Muslims and also shows that heterogeneity in practices within the larger Muslim population. The majority of Muslims at least I know sing and dance (weddings, parties, etc), and although I may not agree with this and would have liked this video done with with less singing and dancing to popular hip hop, it still made me happy, happy, happy!

  72. I think it’s important to remember here that this is just a freakin’ youtube video of some kids having fun.

    If someone gets offended by smiles and dancing, well that’s their problem. What’s it to you? Why do you even have an “issue” with it? With all the problems in the world this is what keeps you up at night?


  73. The ends do not justify the means. Do you know what that means? That means that how one goes about doing something is just as important as what one is trying to do.

    In other words, if one is trying to promote a positive message, which is admirable mA, they should go about doing so in a halal manner which is in line with Islam. Islam is timeless and it is a way of life; it also has rules and regulations that should be followed. They were put in place for a reason. We shouldn’t have to conform our means to meet our ends; we should not do haram to achieve halal goals.

  74. The ends do not justify the means. Do you know what that means? That means that how one goes about doing something is just as important as what one is trying to do.
    In other words, if one is trying to promote a positive message, which is admirable mA, they should go about doing so in a halal manner which is in line with Islam. Islam is timeless and it is a way of life; it also has rules and regulations that should be followed. They were put in place for a reason. We shouldn’t have to conform our means to meet our ends; we should not do haram to achieve halal goals.

  75. Muslims come in all shapes and sizes:) – meaning there are various Muslim narratives. If you the author did not want to instigate the polarized liberal / conservative camp. You should have simply acknowledged! – Muslims come in all shapes and sizes:) DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY!!!!!!

  76. You’re right you don’t have to sing and dance to be HAPPY, because you look miserable, and that’s your choice. Have a nice life!

  77. You won the internet today!

  78. Your article certainly proves that the perception about Muslims being “stiff” is completely accurate. What is wrong with enjoying a good song? Nobody is committing a crime in this video. Nobody is hurting anyone. Nobody is using any bad language. Islam teaches us to be kind, loving and peaceful. And this is what this video shows. Enjoying yourself is NOT a sin!

  79. Why such a big deal – perhaps it could be a form of dawah – I saw nothing explicit – just some spontaneous happy moments, after all happiness is a temporal state at best – I am sure they all returned to their solemn selves in time to make their fard salats. Get over yourself and do something for others, instead of condemning and being a stick in the mud – try making a few people happy or changing their plight with your assistance – show them how happy you can make them without dancing in the street! Try visiting the sick, or feeding the poor, read Quran to the blind – just make somebody happy and stop your fingerpointing!

  80. Richard Bramwell

    Haseeb Rizvi, your view is complete nonsense. Belief in an all powerful sky daddy is nonsense. Obedience to a book claiming the same, composed by thousands of semi-literate, frequently barbaric, editing hands over some 1400 years, may have you thinking you are happy. In fact, you are stuck in an intellectual trap, that works really well. The trap is nearly identical to that enclosing orthodox Jews & Christians: blind belief. Too bad The Enlightenment did not reach the orthodoxy of all the major religions.

  81. And this is why muslims can never unite. Our culture is filled with a bunch of fucking debbie downers. Honestly, who gives a shit?! This fucking article is the same fucking shit as the video. Build a bridge and get over it. LOVE AND PEACE. I bet now I’ll have a bunch of fucking comments under mine asking me why I’m cursing. BECAUSE I WANTED TO. Just like these people who made this video WANTED TO.

  82. I agree with you, brother. I’m definitely not a good Muslim; I sometimes listen to music and indulge in entertainment, even though I know I shouldn’t. But at least I keep it on the down-low and don’t go dancing down the street like I’m in an episode of “Glee.” Personally, I don’t care what non-Muslims think about me. If they think I’m boring or stiff, so what? I do, however, care about what they think about Islam. And a stunt like this? I’m glad I didn’t see something like this before I converted.

  83. progressive muslimah

    stop being a buzzkiller. let others be happy, let others dance if they want to. judge not. faith is between a man and allah. stop judging. this is why people hate us – sheer intolerance. and i think this is also why aliens don’t want to communicate with us haha

  84. I agree with roomi 100%. Well said.

  85. İslam couldn’t adopt itself modern life maybe for 200 years, we are struggle what christendom had lived 300 years before, and still strict rules, uunqueestionable hadiths, we are still loking to the world from horse glasses. Get over it, islam has worse issues than those funny british muslims’s dance and laughs. Muslims crawling, starving, killing each others, ignorance everywhere. Because of this islam’s reputation is at the bottom, and you are arguing those moderate muslims? Sorry but before them, go and protest arab sheikh who spend billion dollars for their swank, protest them for financing isid, el kaide, es-shabab etc. Muslim world don’t need your mindset dear writer.

  86. When Costantinapole was conquered by Fatih the conquerer, byzantine was argue angel’s gender, and this kind of backward mindset remind me those times. West is superpower, ummah struggling and arab sheikh spend billion of dollars for their swank and some backward mindset argue this. so pathetic.

  87. Yes. I agree with that point. We have all right to be happy.. but in many ways.
    Personally, if only men in the video..it will be okay.
    But there are sisters too.. for a woman dancing and jumping and hoping like that is not so suitable.
    But at some part like when the two colleague man and woman dancing lightly to the left and right is okay for me.
    But for the ladies that jumping together might a little exaggerating.
    We don’t have to be like others to prove that we are happy.

  88. no you dont , but maybe they did ,
    and whats your problem anyway ? this video is fun and amazing , it shows a very normal side of muslim ppl , instead for yealing and blowing themself up. this is good . whats the problem ?
    with this song , Happy , they made many video from all over the world, not becouse they needed to , just becouse they wanted to , and becouse it is fun.
    so be happy for gud sake , you dont need to say that u are happy and dont need to show it with dance or sing … just be happy .

  89. I’m happy already I don’t have to dance in the street to prove it.

  90. I read the title, and see your photo right under. You do not look very happy in that photo. Smile, enjoy. 🙂 Relax. Everyone is different, everyone expresses themselves in a different way. And everyone learns from different examples and situations. Yes, some people may take this video in a negative viewpoint and there is a risk sometimes on what we post, there will be good comments and bad comments. But in the end, all I care about is all these people are happy, they are enjoying themselves and they are not worried about what others think.

  91. This is to the writer:
    brother, I am Muslim too, but If music and dance does not make you happen to go to the doctor.
    You are Muslim, but you are living in a another country because you want better situation than your country, and I don’t know why you want to change it to a place like a your previous place.

  92. Is it nonsense to believe that a creator created all the secrets & wonder of nature, the subtleties in the existence of human beings, animals and plants, the wonderful structure of a cell or an atom and the wonderful system of the stars?

    C’mon my friend, it ain’t all that bad.

  93. especially if we have to bend Islamic laws on music and dancing..
    ?? Excuse me which law says that you can’t dance??

  94. Indeed, your face shows how happy you are 😉

  95. Thank *1000000000


    So glad there is someone smart here.

  96. It’s JUST a song. A video showing people with hijab and some without.What’s the big deal. There are muslims who dance and muslims who don’t. Everyone has their own level of iman so please stop judging and do the best you can do.

  97. Oh relax.. nothing wrong with showing happiness, NOT haram.. Just enjoy the fact that all these people are HAPPY and accepted for who they are. Enjoy life instead of finding fault in everything

  98. Here’s the thing, if you don’t think its necessary for you to dance and sing to show your happiness, you don’t have to, and that’s perfectly fine. If others do, then they can. Every person’s faith to themselves. Lets not judge. 🙂

  99. So what is your non -miserable version of islam?? To listen to music and dance and show the non-muslims we are happy??.

    Is Islam that miserable that we need to adopt a modern approach TO SHOW NON-MUSLIMS WE ARE HAPPY??. I’ll have to wait and see whether this video has changed the minds/influences of islamophobes and whether it has raised awareness that we are not all extremists and do have fun.

  100. Brother music and dance does not make everyone happy regardless if you are living in the West or the East, just because it makes you happy it does not mean it will make other people happy, and music is forbidden.


  101. I think they already have, there is a French video out now……

  102. Have there methods worked???…

  103. “I think it would be fair to argue the people responsible for this video are extremely naive for kicking the hornet’s nest”

    If you really do believe these people are hornets (and I do think you are correct) you should be kicking, wacking and poking that hornets nest with all your might. However I wonder if you are a more sympathetic to the hornets than you make out since you seem to imply appeasing the hornets is a viable option. Wack it with a stick you wimp!

  104. Man, at least smile on your picture.

  105. @Jowhar just shut up before you can comprehend the article. the article essentially says the Muslimphobes don’t care if Muslims are dancing to a song that is acceptable to them. if they did, they wouldn’t have a problem ..
    – when a Muslim is sad that violent wars are going on in another country (maybe their native country),
    – when a Muslim is sad that violent right-wing mobs abuse them in their adopted countries, or
    – if a Muslim was practising music and dance that is closer to the culture of their native countries.

    unfortunately, to a Muslimphobe, the only ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’ Muslim is one who does not act like a Muslim or an ‘Easterner’ any more

  106. i agree with the majority of what you wrote

  107. I agree. I don’t think moslem should singing and dancing to show they are happy. But I am still happy. We are not angry, we just say our opinion.

  108. The music and the dancing is not that important for me, though I’m not a Muslim, I was once a Puritan Christian. It’s great to see happy Muslims, though again I work with them every day, including the people in the video. This may be an opportunity for intra-Muslim dialogue, which is happening here, on the issues it raises. It’s great to see a positive image for Muslims, especially one that’s gone viral, when there is still incredible negativity and hate towards Muslims. From my perspective I think it’s great, but Allah knows best.

  109. I am not usually a person who contributes to any online commentary, but I felt compelled to say that the video has a beautiful purpose which is to spread a message of happiness. As to your article, I believe that it is your choice to say what you believe is true, and it is the choice of the individuals who participated in the video to act on what they believe to be true because although Islam has laws and codes of conduct, at the end of they day, we have to remind ourselves that it is a faith of love that is based on a personal relationship between a person and Allah. In fact, all other forms of religion are manifestations of a personal relationship between an individual an a higher being and no other person has the right to intervene.

  110. We need to go back to Quran and Sunnah. This video is just another example of how desensitized Muslims have grown and how uneducated we have become on our own religion. We will stand alone to answer for our deeds, all the distraction that this world offers is eating at our souls so rapidly its terrifying!! Wake up ppl, please!!

    Life is too short to be dancing in the streets to a nasaara’s music! Shaytaan is the choreographer!

    Wake up!!!

    That video is making a fool of those in it and of our beautiful religion!!

  111. I completely agree with every single point in this article. Way to go bro !

  112. I completely agree with every single point in this article. Way to go bro ! Just because we feel the need to step up to the level of the living style of ‘others’, we don’t have to cross the lines that Islam has drawn for us. We can do that being Muslims too. Proper Muslims. This will, like the writer said himself, surely attract critics accusing him of being too pro-Muslim, but this is very basic, the entire world knows thow music and dance are both forbidden in Islam. Besides, this is not even ‘too’ religious, there is nothing such as ‘too’ or ‘less’ religious. It’s either religious or atheist. There is ‘Allah’ written behind, but the person shows his back to it and decides to sing. What is really funny is that you say you’re spreading positive vibes, with little awareness of how offensive this is ! Plus, we don’t go toying around or pointing out people of other religions for being too religious so it would be just fine for critics to keep their criticism with them, Muslims accepting the breaches practiced in the video concerned and most importantly, respond to it and learn from it. Thank you !

  113. How I wish people could be sensible enough to get our point ! Blinded by satan rather ! Astaghfirullah !

  114. Please sir, tell me where in the Qur’an it forbids music, dancing and singing? I would be very interested to know.

    Music is an indentured part of human nature, I’d argue one of the closest things to God with only love standing above it.
    The muslim call to prayer is sung after all.

    British Christianity went though phases of anti-singing and anti-dancing in the 17th century and that puritanical form is all but extinct because it alienated joy.

  115. A lot of Muslims outside of England love the video. It seems Muslims in England writing articles about this video are more uptight then people who have been living with Islam in their native countries for centuries. Music is heard and played across the Middle East and North Africa and they are far better Muslims in many of these countries than this writer not because of all the rules they follow but because they are peace and love and tolerate and respectful to others. Not every country has the same interpretation of Islam. If there was a bigger English speaking ex pat from North Africa and not just Pakistan, England would see that. A lot of these commentators with this “I am the best because I am Muslim and I have the truth and the world out there is bad and scary” are really confused to think of themselves with that kind of supremacy. Obviously it doesn’t matter how many millions of people do exactly as you do, if you don’t feel peace in your heart with doing it, there will never be enough people to confirm that for you. If you don’t want to listen to music don’t listen but who the hell are you to tell anyone what to do if it’s not impeding on your human rights. If the moderate educated Muslims don’t continue to speak out that is when Muslims get a bad name in the world. The only religion at the moment that is struggling because of a lack of human rights and reform is Islam.

  116. I am not Muslim , but my daughter and grandchildren are and I am happy for them , they live a good life and are good examples to everyone on how to live. I think this video is great as it shows a wide range of the Muslim community and shows Muslims as being filled with joy. As a Catholic , we too have many rules too which are not are obeyed on a daily basis I have yet to met anyone who lives their lives keeping to every , law, rule and regulation. We are but children and what child has never defied their parent at some point.
    There are far worse things that any people could be doing , than showing joy and love of life
    There are as many different types of Muslim as there are Christians and you cant please all of the people all of the time. This video filled me with love and joy and I count that as a blessing

  117. The ammount of people who seem completely ok with muslim women dancing in front of a camera for every perverted mind out there to gaze at makes me really sad.

    While you people think “moderate” will bring us anything but humiliation, let me quote Umar Al Khattab, great Caliph and close friend of our Prophet (peace be upon him):
    “We are a people that God made strong by Islam, when we abandon it, God will humiliate us”.

    Which is exactly what happened and is still happening thanks to weak minded people in our midst who want to be like the westerners, unable to make a difference between “modernity” and “decadence”

  118. Totally agree Hicham!

    The British Mosques are funded by Wahabi types from Saudi and they have managed to kick the life and spirit out of Muslims in this country. True Islam shines and grows into something beautiful that both Muslim and non-Muslims of all shapes and sizes are able to identify with. I don’t think the current severe, strict interpretations are representative of true Islam. I believe it is a gradual process of self purification over our lifetime, I remember in my teens I loved Music but now in my thirties I am willing to give it up for Allah (Swt). I’ve had my share but I would never condemn a youngster for wanting to listen to music, I know that would probably be too much on a young soul to do because they’re just not ready for this! Our religion is realistic and does not burden us with being a saint over night, we are all at different stages on this journey and should recognise that Allah (swt) in His wisdom has left some aspects of our religion deliberately fluid so that we learn to show mercy to one another and exercise patience.

  119. Lesley Anne Kinney

    A God that does not allow music?

  120. Just be happy!!! Happiness is the solution to all of our nonsense. It does not matter where it comes from, just be Happy please, even if it is for a day, I choose to be happy everyday, It is my choice. The world is collapsing, we need more smiles, hugs, dance, and happiness, so stop being miserable and judging of others and BE HAPPPYYYYY!!!!!!

  121. Salam from Paris, thanks to this British Muslims who intiated that clip.
    Happy to see that we can be Muslim, Happy, dancing and smiling.
    Seems that this already a matter of fitna between us…

  122. sayyidah zakirah hakim

    irrespective of what you say,the youth are wearing the clothes and dancing,nothing stops them,i come ffrom south africa,cape town.we have a very strong ,muslim presence,in my area 3mosque ,the call of prayer is allowed to be loud,so,right in your homes you hear the ADHAAN,muslim women are allowed to wear scarf,full purdah,if want to,we have always had freedom of religion in this country,we have a mix,group of muslims from malaysia,india,so our culture here is indian,malaysian,quiet a fusion,bec lots of intermarriage,but lots of MUSLIM girls will dress in a way that their mothers never did,irrespective of cultures,now.so we have abigger problem,grass roots.from sayyidah zakirah

  123. sayyidah zakirah hakim

    God knows your intention,we too busy fussy about the exterior,what seems,never pondering on someones intention,as MUSLIMS we have lost the plot because,we focus on the external part,of ISLAM that we never get to the coreTHE SPIRITUAL,side,for 1400 yrs ISLAM was always the OUTTER AND INNER,hand in hand,that is SUFISM,TARIQUAH,the INNER journey OF ISLAM,until evil persons came and took that aspect away,and caused a split which was 1400yrs ago never so,soour youth will febell openly,or silently,i was raised strictly,but was qiietly rebellious,never,had,a LOVE for the religion,because,adults,were like dictators,so who will listern to them,and they also portrayed ISLAM with their attitude,bad job,thank GOD when i become a MOM,i dscovered SUFISM.MAULANA SHEIK NAZIM,of the NAQUASBANDI ORDER,and there began my real journey of TRUE ISLAM,HE said we are people of the MIDDLE WAY,i.e.BALANCED,i was oh yes,good,and,your inward journey towards your CREATOR,how to get THERE,i was very interested,what a understanding i have now of why i must cover up,but,if not explained so gently and full of love,and kindly,why bother,and we om a JOURNEY,like my MASTER said,so baby steps even for born MUSLIMS,because who is perfect,and practising everyrthing?know need to lie,if you are WHAO you a SAINT.but since i am a mother,i try very hard,not to go as my family,does not mean we must not practice the inner and outer,oh no my son must know,but i do it with more tolerance,love,joy,patience,and already his understanding and love for ISLAM is far better than mine ever was,he obviouse is a kid still.i have to remind myself that the INTOLERANT WAY,LOVELESS,JOYLESS way these adults practised ISLAM,put me a number of years behind,for truely ,sincerely,loving my RELIGION,not the fake to show people,TRUE JOY<with YOUR CREATOR when you soul alone.so yes how do we deal with the youth,are we going to win with our hard ,loveless,attitude,i even thought as a kid they say they LOVR ALLAH,but they look so MISERABLE,esp when they talk about HIM,even their facial features looked stressed,children emulate us ADULTS,remender,ISLAM was not spread in one DAY,that point we need to ponder on and not spread with hate,fear,impatience,NO.REMEMBER,the journey is inward also so very private,many differrnt people will find differentpaths to reach their ULTIMATE DESTINATION to THEIR CREATOR,who are we to judge,only GOD CAN JUDGE.so why do we not focus on OURSELVES.

  124. Thank you! Yes, we don’t need to prove that we are happy, but if we feel like singing and dancing and wearing kind of scarves that some commentators don’t like, then we will do it all the same. Conservative Muslims are not forced by anybody to watch this video, to listen to music and to see women dancing. If you watch the video, it’s your own choice. If you don’t want, then put on a Qur’an tape and let others live their lives as they please.

  125. Dear Sarah,
    How is this video “not fair to the rest of us”? Nobody forces you to sing and dance, but you want to force others NOT to do it, and yet you call others “unfair”.
    “Why do we want to be accepted by the rest of the world so much?” For me it’s because I live in this world. If you don’t want to be accepted, go away. You can do whatever you want, wear a burka, avoid music and pray all day, nobody will bother you. Live and let live.

  126. Brother, the only perverted mind here is yours. Nobody else thought about something sexual in these women, except you and your wahhabi brothers. You have to accept that not all Muslims think with their penis, some use their brains, too.

  127. I do not want to be accepted if it means losing my beliefs and morals. I live in a city where Muslims make up 0.01% of the population. I live in the community together with others and I accept them and am accepted. It doesn’t have to be at the expense of your religion, all of my friends are non-muslim but I don’t go out dancing or to karaoke with them and we enjoy ourselves. I explain our differences. Alot of you seem to think there’s only one way.

  128. I don’t need to sing and dance to show I’m happy….
    You don’t look very happy

  129. به نقل از شبکه «راشاتودی»، تبلیغاتی بر روی اتوبوس‌های شهر واشنگتن قرار داده شده است که یهودی‌ستیزی اسلامی(بخوانید صهیونیزم ستیزی) را با «آدولف هیتلر» ارتباط داده و طبق متمم اول قانون آمریکا تضمین کرده است که این تبلیغات اجازه دارد طی روزهای آتی در کمربندی شهر رفت‌و آمد داشته باشند. – See more at: http://farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=13930301مگ000365#sthash.Cb5f6QWO.dpufجنگ

  130. ok u right my friend but whats new in your talk only word …….just a good song and such goodpeople schowing that they love juste the way l do the song and moving by the way the rythme …..so why dont just enjoy it …happy muslim we are ……………….

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  156. Sarah,

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Islam is a false and dying religion. Its rather sad to see someone so insular and secluded with such a colorless world view. If you make religion (any religion) your life, then you have failed to live. Religion is a mechanism of social control and has nothing to do with God/Allah and it is not the only source of morals and ethics. On the other side of religion you can find God, freedom and a very full and happy life.

  157. ALLAH gave us everything just to be happy, so no need to show other people that you are happy

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  162. I agree. I think the religion has for too long been taken over by zealots preaching their ‘interpretations’ and this brand of religion only serves to reinforce boundaries. Conservatism is an outmoded concept. People are trying hard to hold on to their culture and identity even if it is something negative.

    I have a few relatives that have become too religious – and yes you can become too religious – as they refuse to buy a house as mortgages aren’t ‘halal’. Meanwhile they are the ones missing out on the property boom and being able to provide a future for their families.

    The push from conservatives for shariah law is wrong too. We don’t need it here. The laws in this country serve and protect us regardless of our race, creed, sexual orientation etc. In my opinion if you want shariah law, then this isn’t the country for you. Go live in the middle east with like-minded folk.

    I think the message of this video is valid and the dancing and celebration is a good thing as well as a positive thing. If you really strongly feel that the video is offensive then you should go speak to a psychiatrist as you are losing your humanity to reach an ideal that may or may not exist, from a god who may or may not exist, for an afterlife that may or may not exist.

    I have my belief in my religion and I have seen first had what it can do in the wrong hands. I was on an hijacked plane when I was 12 and held hostage for three days with my family.

    If you want something to believe in, believe in what’s here and now. Believe in your friends and family who are with you and near you and who need you and love you.

    Everything else is down to faith…

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